Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun Finds: Gear & Goodies Sale at Diapers.com

One of my favorite online sales is going on right now. . . the Gear & Goodies Sale at diapers.com!!!

If you haven't shopped at diapers.com before, now is the best time to try it out!  Here's why I like it:
*It's a one-stop shop for your baby's needs!  They have such a huge variety of products.  Over 25,000!
*Everything has free shipping, and gets to you within 2 days!
*They have a full-service baby registry for new and expecting parents.

Check out all the awesome brands they have on sale right now!!!
And hurry, because the last day of the sale is tomorrow the 21'st!

Here's a few of the highlights. . .
*Get a $10 diapers.com gift credit when you spend $50 or more on Huggies products

*My disclaimer: This post is sponsored by diapers.com.  But the opinions are mine!


  1. I seriously love Diapers.com!!! They always have good deals!

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