Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kirsten's Summer Vacation!

This year, Kirsten was the lucky duck... she was the only one in the family who got to take a summer vacation to San Diego.  After Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for her birthday party and dance recital, she got to fly down to San Diego with them.  Yeah... I might have been just a tiny bit jealous.

But she had so much fun!  She loved all the attention she got, and since she doesn't like talking on the phone we really didn't get to talk to her much.  But I loved knowing what a wonderful time she was having.  She got pretty attached to this Snow White dress.  So attached that she had Grandma send it up to us a few weeks after she came back!  She's always looking for who will be her "Prince Charming", and she usually tries to make Natalie do it.  That's why we need a little boy next... so the girls can dress him up as Prince Charming.  ;)

My Aunt Lani and Uncle Jon with my four little cousins also visited, and the whole crew got to camp at the beach.  (Okay, fine... LOTS jealous).  I wish I had been there to see Kirsten and Caleb try kayaking for the first time ever!  They look so cute in there!

I'm glad her first boat experience with my Dad wasn't as traumatic as my own was.  The first time he tried to take me out on the ocean, he had an old canoe and it tipped over!  When I came up, I was underneath the boat and I remember being scared and sobbing on the beach afterward.  I was afraid of boats for a few years after that.  Funny, since I love them so much now!

All that fun in the sun with family!  Love it!  See... I can still raise my Seattle kids to have a little bit of California girl in them too, can't I?  :)

Now I can't wait for our WHOLE family to head down there for Christmas!


  1. She and Caleb were so cute on the kayak! We should have taken a picture of Kirsten sitting right next to Rachel - since that was another favorite part of her vacation :) And so glad she loves the Snow White dress. That was one of my girls favorites because it wasn't itchy. She and Caleb loved playing in the loft and dancing - he made a great prince charming.

  2. It looks like she had a fabulous time! Kaia's been getting pretty attached to some Disney princesses lately, too. Kirsten looks adorable in that Snow White dress!


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