Monday, September 12, 2011

Mompact: Review & Giveaway of the Seatpak by babybindle!!!

I'm thrilled to be participating in the Mompact Blog Hop!!!
Over 120 bloggers are participating, and all are giving away awesome products and prizes, all from businesses that are owned and created by mom! This is such a great way to support mom-owned businesses! And the products are seriously amazing!
You have until September 17'th to visit each blog and enter to win them all!
The product that I chose to review and giveaway is the SeatPak by babybindle!

All of us as moms know what it's like to feel weighted down by a huge, massively heavy diaper bag that puts dents in your shoulders and is overflowing with all kinds of stuff. But sometimes you're just running someplace with your baby for a short amount of time, and you need something small! Something compact! The SeatPak fits all of these needs, and the coolest part... it attaches right on to your infant carseat or stroller!!! Totally genius! No wonder it was a Huggies Award-winning product!
Why I love the SeatPak:

*It's got just the right amount of space for quick trips out with your baby! It fits some diapers and wipes, binkies, a bottle, my wallet, and some small toys. And I love the outside pocket, it's the perfect place to put your cell phone and keys!
*I'm no longer bogged down by my huge, heavy bag AND the carseat! I can just put a few things into the SeatPak, grab the carseat, and go!
*It's a breeze to use, and attaches so easily onto the handle of your carseat.
*It looks sleek and cute. Comes in chocolate brown or black!

The SeatPak would make such an awesome baby shower gift for a new mom! It's so clever and original!
And one of my readers will WIN one!!!

I'm also excited to introduce a brand new way to enter giveaways on my blog. . . Rafflecopter! I've heard tons of great things about Rafflecopter and how much easier it makes it for my readers to enter my giveaways! So here goes!!!
And when you're done here, hop on over to Yankee Texan Mom to check out her review and giveaway of BeeStractors!

Please use the widget below for your entries (comments on this post will not count as entries). Thank you so much for stopping by and entering and good luck!!!


  1. Probably a silly question, but....To enter do we need to do all of the things on the widget or is each thing a new entry? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for asking! Only the first entry is mandatory to enter. The rest of them are optional, and you can do them to get extra entries. :)

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