Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Dance Recital!

This year I discovered one of the greatest joys of having little girls... watching them dance and twirl around in fluffy pink costumes and tiaras!  Kirsten loved going to her dance class at Dance Elite each week, and we were ALL excited for her first ever dance recital!  Grandma and Grandpa even flew in to see it!

Go ahead, tell me you've seen a cuter and more girly costume than this one.  ;)  Kirsten adored it!  The second we put it on her, she became a performer!

Her class did awesome at the big dress rehearsal!

One of the cutest things was the huge group number at the end of the recital.  They do it every year, and it's easy enough that even the little kids could pick up on it without practicing it beforehand.  Kirsten loved jumping and dancing to "Lollipop" with the whole group!

I can't believe how well she did at the performance!  She definitely is growing up so fast!  She was absolutely thrilled to be onstage and perform with her class!  We gave her flowers after she was done, and she and her friend Saide were so happy.  :)
 It was an awesome day that I will never forget!  We love our cute little dancer!


  1. I loved that dance recital. It was so cute, and I already can't wait until the next one. Saide's so happy that Kirsten is in her class this year. And I must say that I was a little jealous of how cutesy and girly Kirsten's outfit was. I think her class had the cutest costumes of all!

  2. She's sooooo cute! It's fun to see how excited the girls are about dancing. These are photos you'll always treasure. :)

  3. I love watching the little ones at dance recitals! My nieces were really into it this year and they all looked so cute in their outfits. Love Kirsten pink, girlie costume. Adorable.

  4. SO stinkin' cute!! What a darling outfit! And I love that she got a flower bouquet after, I bet that was so special for her. :)

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