Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Arctic Blast, a Happy Thanksgiving, and a Fresh-Cut Noble

*Our Thanksgiving week was cold. And I do mean COLD. We got record lows, highs in the 30's, and gorgeous, glittering snow!!! It was our "arctic blast" here in Seattle. I have never had a white Christmas before, but we sure did get a white Thanksgiving!
*It's so funny when it snows in Seattle because it's like the whole world shuts down. As long as there's snow on the ground, everything pretty much comes to a standstill. Schools close, people don't go to work (unless you're my husband, who's a seasoned Utah snow driver), everyone stays home. It's crazy!

*My parents and brother flew in for the week, so we all froze together. Kirsten and Natalie had such a blast sledding in our cul de sac with Grandpa! Who says you need to put a sled on a hill to have fun? You just need someone to pull you around!!!

*Kirsten painted the snow with the neighbors one night!

*We had a delicious Thanksgiving! You might wonder how I cooked Thanksgiving dinner with a newborn to take care of. . . well, I didn't. My mom did pretty much all of it herself. We had all my favorites: the turkey, the mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, orange rolls, apple pie. I think if we just had orange rolls I would have been happy. All that other stuff was just a bonus. :)

*We took Kirsten to the movies with us on Thanksgiving day and saw Tangled. I loved it! I thought it was the best animated movie Disney has made in a really long time.

*I went Black Friday shopping. Some may call me crazy, but I love the excitement and all the great deals! I went to Target at 7 am, followed by the mall for many hours, and ending with Best Buy. I shopped for almost 8 straight hours! Exhausting, but fun!

*We went to a U-cut Christmas tree farm, which I had never done before! We always buy a real tree, but it was the first time I made Stephen cut one down for us himself. :) After brunch at Snoqualmie Falls lodge (yummy, but. . . never again with three young kids), we bundled back up and headed out in search of the perfect Noble fir.

*Brooke was outside with us for about 2 minutes. She spent the rest of the time in the car with my mom while the rest of us hunted down the tree.

*Finally found it!
Stephen cut it down all by himself.

*Natalie's new favorite thing to say: "Ho, ho, ho!" It's adorable!

*It took an entire DAY to take down all the fall and Halloween decorations and put up the Christmas decorations. This is not including decorating the tree and I even had my mom's help! Whew, what a big job!

*Kirsten lost interest quickly, but she did have fun putting a few ornaments on the tree. Mostly she loves the lights!

*We spent one evening in downtown Seattle, riding the Christmas carousel!
The girls LOVED it!

Is it any wonder that I LOVE this time of year!!!


  1. I love the last picture of your family! You are all so beautiful! And I can't wait to have my kids try painting in the snow! What a great idea!

  2. I am really jealous of all the fun things that you have been able to do. Washington seems like a magical place to be for the holidays.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year too! I am really curious, though...did you take any kids on your Black Friday adventures?


  4. Never thought of painting in the snow. No clean up!

    One day I hope it takes me all day to take down the fall/Halloween decorations. You can barely ever tell what holiday it is at our house!

  5. Love the photos those are great, following back via PRP.

  6. Looks like such a fun time! I live outside of Salem and we didn't get but a slight dusting and the kids were so disappointed :) I am your newest follower from PRP. I'd love follow back if you don't mind.
    I am also following your Facebook page. My fan page link is in the right side bar :) Have a GREAT day!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog from the PRP...I am now following you too.

  8. great pictures. following back, thankx

  9. I love all of your pictures! I haven't been down to the carousel yet this year but I really want to!

  10. Great photos! You have a beautiful family. Thank you for joining my blog. I brought some love back to you and am now one of your newest followers! Have a great holiday! Digna

  11. SERIOUSLY *love* your pictures!!! Those sledding pictures are darling!

  12. We will definitely have to do some snow painting. I forgot all about that trick. Your tree family picture is charming. :)

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