Wednesday, December 22, 2010


For the first year ever. . . Kirsten loves Santa! She's no longer afraid of him like she was every other year, and she was SO excited to wave at him and get right up close to him!

She was so cute with Santa. . . when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas she smiled and said, "Presents."
I think that's manageable. ;)

We saw this Santa really early (the weekend before Thanksgiving!) at a tree lighting ceremony we went to. It was a COLD night, and we bundled up the 3 week-old Brooke in her little bear outfit. She was the coziest one!

We were able to get some fun, Christmasy family pictures!

Everyone actually looking at the camera at the same time??? A miracle! (I guess Brooke doesn't really count).

Natalie had her very first candy cane, and loved it. She ate the ENTIRE thing!

The big, beautiful tree!

This year Natalie was the one who was scared of Santa and cried when we tried to put her on his lap. Last year, Natalie was in the Santa picture by herself because Kirsten was too scared! I wonder which kid (or kids) will be scared of him next year?


  1. Those are such cute pictures!! It's so cute when they love Santa and aren't scared!

  2. The holiday pictures are beautiful! What great memory book pictures to have.

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