Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Kids!

*Perfect little stocking stuffers. . . Adorable handmade clippies from the Ballard Clips Etsy shop! Most of the clips are made from felt, and they are SO unique and cute! I just love all the tiny little details on each clip.

These clips are perfect for the finest hair, and they don't slide off thanks to the velvet-lined clips. My six week-old baby wore one a few days ago, and it stayed put and didn't slide around at all! Impressive!

Ballard Clips are very reasonably priced, too. Most are $7 or $8 each!

This is one of my favorites. . . the Dark Red 3D Felt Flower clip. I have a LOT of hair clips (with three girls, you can never have too many!) and I have truly never seen designs like these before!

*Great gift for the child who already has every toy you can think of. . .
A teleidoscope!
Kaleidoscopes To You sells a HUGE variety of kaleidoscopes of all kinds, and this is one of my favorites! It would make such a unique and beautiful gift for a child of any age, and is something they'll keep for years or even their entire lives! My 3 year-old LOVES it and took it immediately to store in her "special drawer."

Why you'll love this teleidoscope too:
*It's made of beautiful, high-quality wood and comes with a nice stand for display.
*Just like the plastic kaleidoscopes I'm used to, you can look through it to see gorgeous colored images that change as you move it around. Fascinating for kids!
*It's a great value for such a quality product. . . $39.99.
*This one is the perfect size for kids to carry around, and lightweight.

*For the doll-lover or future older sibling. . .
Baby Gogo!
My oldest daughter has never liked dolls. Everyone told me to give her a doll when I was expecting my second baby, and she wanted nothing to do with the doll! So I think it's totally cute that my second daughter loves baby dolls. She carries them around the house and gives them hugs, and her favorite is this doll by Baby GoGo.
Why it's a great doll:
-Baby GoGo is designed to be gender-neutral. Lots of little boys like dolls too, and Baby GoGo wears bright, modern colors that boys will enjoy as well as girls. No ruffles! But the doll does come with a soft, cozy blankie.
-The doll comes with a cute storybook about taking Baby GoGo home from the hospital. A great way to prepare your little one for a future sibling's arrival!
-The packaging is recyclable!
-You can buy some other accesories, including a moses bed and a diaper bag, and many other accessories are being added soon.
-There's a 25% off holiday sale going on right now, and the whole doll set is $29.99!

My disclaimer: I received some products for free in exchange for writing honest reviews. All opinions are mine, and I don't review anything I don't like!


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