Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Friday!

It certainly was a Happy Friday today. . . just LOOK at what I found at the cute Farmer's Market at the Country Village:
These are fresh boysenberries!!! If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you might know how incredibly hard these are to find (or you might have never tasted one before). Everyone up here sells blackberries, but I can never find boysenberries! And I found them today!!! I bought four pints of them and oh, they're so amazing! TONS more flavor than blackberries!

Some other happy-Friday-worthy stuff:

*Yesterday I had to take my dreaded glucose test at the doctor's (notice this post is not called Happy Thursday). When I took it on my last pregnancy, I barely failed it and had to come back for the 3-hour test of torture. I was just hoping and praying this would NOT happen again! It was bad enough to do it once!
Then today I noticed the doctor's office was calling, and my heart sank (basically, no news is good news. A call usually means you failed it). BUT, it turns out my glucose test was fine! WHEW!!! They were actually calling to tell me my blood count was way too low, and I need to start taking iron pills. No wonder I felt like I was seriously going to pass out after walking around the Farmer's Market in the sun with the kids for about an hour. Anemia and the third trimester usually go together for me, unfortunately. But I passed the glucose test! Whoo-hoo!!!

*Slurpees. I am all about the Slurpees lately. On a warm day, nothing hits the spot like an extra-large Cherry Slurpee! And 7-11's are so easy to find. They really are everywhere!

*Homemade Rice Krispie treats! (Yes, most of my Happy Friday stuff is about food. I'm pregnant, give me a break!) I made a whole pan of these for our camping trip and couldn't believe they were totally GONE by the end of the two-day trip. And Stephen didn't eat any! They were delicious and I'm totally making more this weekend. (They must be homemade to make me happy. I can't stand the blue foil-wrapped ones!)

*Hansen's Cherry Vanilla Cream soda. Does anybody else love this stuff? We usually only buy them when we go camping, so drinking one makes me think of camping every time!

*Watermelon, if it's a really good one. The perfect watermelon is like a slice of summery heaven! Hard to find, but very worth it when you do!

*The Route 44-sized Dr. Pepper with cherry and vanilla flavoring from Sonic. My guilty pleasure, for sure! We don't live very close to a Sonic, but there was one on the way (and the way home from!) our camping trip. Loved it!

*Discovering new ways to get Kirsten to ingest some veggies into her body, since she refuses to touch them if they're on her plate!
Veggie cheat #1: Goldfish Garden Cheddar crackers. There may not be a lot of veggies in each serving, but every little bit helps!

Veggie cheat #2: V8 Fusion Vegetable and Fruit juices. Since Kirsten wants to pretty much drink her body weight in juice every day, I feel a lot better giving it to her when she's getting a full serving of fruits and vegetables in each sippy cup!

What are some other ways to trick young kids into eating veggies? And what are your favorite summery foods and drinks lately?


  1. Ah, we like SO many of the same things!!!

  2. so nice to meet you ashley!
    thanks for popping by and for the bday wishes! i had 2 very complicated pregancies... your family is beautiful, love looking at your photo's! stay well and do stop back and say "hi" anytime!
    shelley :)

  3. ack! I left a comment and it didn't publish!

    as I was saying, we LOVE sonic this summer. Happy hour 1/2 price drinks have become like a twice a week thing for us.

    As far as veggies -- do they come in your girls' favorite colors? :o) The Hulk LOVES the color green and will eat anything green because of that. It's kind of awesome. :o)

  4. I used to give Lilly mashed potatoes (which she loved) and puree veggies and mix it inside---mwahaha!! So sneaky! We live next to Green River, Utah---home of the best watermelons in the WORLD!!! I'm NOT joking. They are famous. YUM!

  5. okay, so what's your rice krispy secret??? every time I make then they come out so hard and dry! Do i need more butter? more marshmallows? or should i use marshmallow cream instead? I fare pretty well as a good cook, but there are two simple foods that elude me EVERY time: rice krispy treats and pancakes. !!! I know! :) Help me, Obi-wan! :)
    and YES, watermelons are the best on a hot summer day. unfortunately for us, it seems we;re going to have eternal june gloom until september. :(
    Have you tried the veggie sticks at costco? they're dehydrated vegetables, in the shape of a short straw. They're super crunchy, like chips, and completely addicting. I think they are all veggie. Super salty, but so good, and somewhat healthy. I think they're called veggie straws or veggie strings, something like that. You'll find them in the snack isle if your costco sells them.

  6. I make Hadley a smoothie and put a whole bunch of raw spinach in it. Strawberries hide the taste of the spinach. I also give her Odwalla Superfoods Juice or GreenGoodness Juice from Trader Joes's. They are green and scary looking but taste wonderful and are full of veggies! And the Hansen's is a wonderful treat!

  7. Mmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmm good!

  8. Loooooooooove boysenberries!!! And Sonic. And good watermelon. Yum!

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