Thursday, July 1, 2010

5 Things

I love lists! And I have a lot of random stuff to blog about. So here goes. . .

5 Things We've Been Up To Lately:

1. Going to parks on sunny days! I just LOVE this picture of Natalie. When this girl is happy, she's just completely adorable!

2. We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 in Imax 3D last Saturday. Just like everyone else, I loved it! And got teary-eyed at the end. Kirsten really enjoyed the movie too, and thought it was a great reward for doing so well at potty training. Natalie just liked the popcorn. :)

3. Since we saw the movie at the Pacific Science Center, we played in the exhibits while we were there and Natalie was pretty fascinated by the butterflies.

4. Playing the harp for Saturday weddings. It's been COLD for most of the outdoor weddings (including one at the beach. . . bummer!), but this last week I actually played for one with nice weather! It was great!

5. Picking up large messes. The house is just in a never-ending clutter cycle, because the kids pick stuff up and just leave things everywhere, all the time. I'm dying to know the answer to this question. . . at what age do kids actually start playing with their toys? Kirsten just likes to scatter hers around! It's just getting old!

5 Things I'm Really Looking Forward To:

1. I'm SO excited to go see Eclipse tonight!!! Most people I know have seen it already, and I just can't wait!

2. The Lilith Fair concert at the Gorge (really breathtaking outdoor ampitheater!) this Saturday! I am loving Sarah McLachlan's new CD and have been dying to see her in concert for the longest time. With lots of other great girl bands playing too, I am really excited!

3. Going camping in July at Steamboat Rock State Park. It's a campsite on a lake, and I've never been there before but have heard great things about it. Now we need to buy a bigger tent for our family!

4. Spending a weekend in Utah in August for my cousin's wedding, and then heading down to San Diego for a week with the kids and my parents. San Diego. . . it's just been too long!

5. Camping again at Lake Wenatchee for Labor Day weekend!

5 Things That Are New Around Here:

1. Our plastic pool, complete with slide, that is Kirsten's personal heaven on earth. When it gets warm enough (which has only happened. . . um. . . once since we bought it), I set it up in the front yard and Kirsten has such a blast playing in the water! She asks to go in the pool every day.

2. I'm wearing ALL maternity clothes now (or my longest shirts and pajama pants) and nobody would be in any doubt that I'm pregnant. I suddenly look really pregnant! And I'm starting to feel it too. It's weird to be the pregnant lady who's also carrying a baby around. Also getting difficult and not so comfortable. :P

3. Making bread with my new bread machine! I made a Honey Whole Wheat loaf yesterday, and it is GOOD. Slathered with honey butter, it makes the perfect snack. I love this machine!

4. Kirsten's obsession with sunglasses. She always wants them when we go outside now, even on cloudy days, and sometimes she won't even take them off inside the stores. It's pretty funny!

5. The cute little princess trike we bought her for her birthday. She still has some trouble with the steering, but it's SO cute watching her try to ride it and seeing Stephen help her with it.


  1. Your lists are so fun and your girls are adorable! Lily is a sunglasses lover too. Sounds like you have a lot of fun activities planned for the summer!

  2. How fun! I love your lists too, they are a fun way to keep everything up to date. That's so fun that are going to Utah in August, I wish we could go, but I will only be about 7 weeks away from the baby!!! But how cool is that, it's getting so close!

  3. With her longer hair, Natalie is starting to look more like Kirsten.

  4. That is such a cute picture of Natalie! I hope you have fun at the concert tonight! (And I hope that you found someone to take that extra ticket!) You'll have to tell me all about the show.

  5. Looks like you have been having all sorts of fun! Wish we could see you in San Diego!

  6. aww Ashley! you are such a great momma!!! those girls and your hubby are so blessed to have you!! i loved Toy Story 3 too... and yes. the end got me!!! :)

  7. Toy Story 3 was the most freakin' amazing movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it, so glad you guys took your girls! And that bread maker is the bomb---I think I need one.

  8. We loved toy story! And what a great place to go and explore! Looks like a paradise for little girls who love to be princesses or fairies or whatever. ;)

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