Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Fun and the Fabulous Reviews. . . Toys!

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about being selected to be a member of the Infantino Test Drive Program (pretty exciting, I know!!!) And now I get to share my absolute favorite item I've received from them so far. . . the Jumbo Wheel Play Space! I thought my kids had outgrown all play mats and baby gyms. . . but not this one!

This brand NEW product (it's not even listed on their website yet) is SO awesome!

Here's what I love about it:

*It's BIG. This play space covers up a lot of ground! I like to spread it out on our living room floor and let Natalie roll and play all over it. As you can see from the photos, Kirsten just has to join her, and she's three years old! So this definitely is a product that will grow with your baby.

*It's covered with all kinds of fun sounds and textures. There's a mirror, teething toys attached, crinkly and squeaky fabrics, and fun animal faces.

*This would be really perfect to encourage a young baby to enjoy tummy time. I'm really excited to try it out with my new baby in the fall, and I'm sure we will get a TON of use out of it! I would recommend this Jumbo Wheel Play Space to any mom of a baby.

*This is Natalie's favorite thing about the Play Space. . . there's a detachable flower that plays music when you press on it. Natalie loves it and she'll crawl around holding it. SO cute!

*A cute, rare moment of Kirsten giving Natalie a hug. Awww, I love those moments!

I also got lucky enough to review another toy from Ebeanstalk. Check out this cute Jumbo Knob Pets Puzzle by Melissa and Doug! They make my very favorite puzzles for little ones. . . SO sturdy and durable, as well as being adorable! These big pieces are the perfect size for Natalie to play with (as long as she's not throwing them across the room. . . ouch! They're kinda heavy!) This puzzle is geared towards babies Natalie's age, around 1 year old, and Ebeanstalk makes it SO easy to find baby toys that are exactly right for your child's age! I love the way they set up their website, so you can search for toys by specific age (down to the month!) I could find this puzzle easily by searching for toys for 1 year olds, and then find toys for her older sister by looking at their fantastic toys for 2 year olds. Love it!
*I am a participant of a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as a part of my participation. I also received a toy from Ebeanstalk, but was not compensated for my opinions.


  1. These are great toys! How do you become a participant for things like this? I am totally interested!

  2. Thank you for testing the Jumbo Wheel Playspace. We really appreciate it and we're so glad you liked it!

    Most Sincerely,

    Colette @ Infantino


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