Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Pregnant Girl's Best Friends!

My little baby is really starting to move around in there! I've been feeling lots of flutters and kicks for the past few weeks, and they're just getting stronger. I'm at 25 weeks now, which sounds really far until I remember that I still have over 3 months to go. Crazy! It's starting to get really difficult to carry Natalie around with my big pregnant belly getting in the way. (Hint, hint, Natalie. . . time to start walking! I love crawling babies, but it's TIME. I need you to walk!!!)

I figure the nicest thing I can do right now is share some of my very favorite pregnancy things with my fellow baby-expecters. (Or future baby-expecters. Or anybody who will be pregnant at any time!) So here you go. . . my pregnancy must-have, life-saver, best friends are:

#1- (This is a really recent discovery, and I don't know how I lived without them). . .
"Secret Fit Belly" pants from Motherhood Maternity.

I got the khaki ones featured in this picture, and they are amazing! Lightweight fabric that can change from pants into capris, perfect for summer. My favorite thing about them really is the "Secret Fit Belly" top. I've been very uncomfortable lately in any pants that have the below-the-belly bands (you know what I'm talking about), because they're just too tight and constricting and hit at a really awkward part of my belly. But a lot of over-the-belly panels make me too hot in the summertime, with all that extra bulk. These pants have really lightweight, stretchy fabric that is SO comfortable you don't even realize it's there. It's smooth, breathable, and these are the most comfortable maternity pants I've ever owned. I want them in every color now!

#2- My body pillows. I have two, one on each side of me, and they really do help me sleep! I can't even remember where I bought them (it was back during my first pregnancy), and I got fuzzy slipcovers to make them extra soft and cozy.

#3- Tums Smoothies pills
Yes, I've reached that part of pregnancy when the heartburn starts kicking in at night when I lay down to sleep. So I take two or three of these pills right before bed and they really help with heartburn and preventing leg cramps, too. Don't even think about taking regular Tums (they taste like nasty pieces of chalk to me!) Tums Smoothies are the same price and they pretty much taste like candy. SO much better! I like the Berry Fusion flavor the best.

#4- LOTS of ice water!
Especially being pregnant in the summer, I down so much of it every day! I love our fridge's ice and water dispensers. It sure beats filling up ice trays a ton of times a day!

#5- A really comfy recliner chair.
Worth its weight in gold!

#6- Light, comfy maternity T-shirts from Old Navy or Gap Maternity. My long-time faves!

#7- The Kohl's maternity section (when it's on clearance especially!)
They don't always have awesome deals, but if you check back often you'll find some really great stuff. I recently found a cute maternity dress marked down to $7!

#8- Fresh fruit. This is always good in the summertime, and gosh I just LOVE fresh strawberries and watermelon lately. And if I could manage to find any boysenberries here in Washington I think I'd cry tears of joy. Blackberries are not the same!

#9- Ice cream bars!
I crave ice cream LOTS when I'm pregnant, and I find it's really easy to scoop myself a huge bowl of it. Ice cream bars are a much better way to indulge without going overboard. My recent favorites I got to try are the Breyer's Smooth and Dreamy bars. Creamy and delicious, these really hit the spot on a hot day! I love the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor!

It's such an exciting, life-changing event when you first find out you're pregnant. (This time was especially crazy for me, since it was a surprise and I hadn't been planning on getting pregnant until NEXT year!) Of course, my most memorable experience was when I found out I was pregnant for the first time EVER. We had been trying for six months and I was starting to get a little bit discouraged, so to see that positive pink line on the stick brought me the biggest rush of joy and excitement! I recently found out that e.p.t. started offering a free keepsake gift with purchase, so you don't have to save your pregnancy test result in the back of your bathroom drawer anymore. :) Click here to find out more about it. I think it's such a great idea!
I'm off to go sit in my comfy recliner some more. . . but I'd love to know what your favorite pregnancy must-haves are! Anything I've got to try out that I've missed here???

*My review of Breyer's and the e.p.t. keepsake gift were written while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central. I did receive products necessary to facilitate my review. I also received a gift certificate to thank me for taking time to participate. All opinions expressed are totally unbiased and I love sharing my favorite pregnancy must-haves with my readers!


  1. Oh yes, Tums Smoothies, Fresh Fruit, Ice water---you nailed it!!! Normally I hate ice water (room temp is my fave) but while preggo I love it! And fruit! And Tums Smoothies, they taste like Smarties!! Oh the joys of pregnancy! :) Your little bean is now an eggplant and *that* is exciting!

  2. The new belly panel jeans that Motherhood has were my faves. But I just want to tell you that if you don't already have a wrap you love, GET ONE!!! I have LOVED LOVED the Moby-style wrap I made. Super easy and cheap. You will love it!

  3. Not that I'm pregnant - but I also love a good clearance item at Kohls!

  4. breyer's ice creme bars... YUM!!! I just discovered these and they are delish! And the perfect size. Love them.
    Tums smoothie are the best! But keeping an EPT test kinda weirds me out. Pee... old pee... germs... yuck! :) I say, take a picture of it and be done with it! :)
    I never loved wraps. All my kids get too heavy too fast. My hospital baby is no different! It's like a race of who can reach 20 pounds faster. Lincoln did it in 6 months, Orion in 7, and Anastasia is nearly there at 5.5 months! So, wraps never did anything for me except a backache!
    And Kohl's clearance... yummy too! :) I get in trouble in that store... lol

  5. I bought similar shorts at Motherhood Maternity and LOVE them! They are so lightweight, airy, and comfortable. I tried a body pillow at my parents' house and hated it. Sleeping is always uncomfortable no matter what. I'm loving ice water and fruit too--especially strawberries too!

    Cool that you got that keepsake kit. Justin made me throw mine away. :0(

  6. Those ice cream bars look so good! I know that Breyer's ice cream is on sale at Safeway today and tomorrow - I wonder if these bars are on sale too. Yum!

  7. I've gotta try those maternity pants next time around. I'm with you on the awkward fitting ones that you constantly have to pull up. And those ice cream bars look heavenly!

  8. After I have started taking the Tums Smoothies, I have never looked back. I cannot even take the regular ones anymore.

  9. Never wore flip flops much until I was pregnant - it was so nice to slip them on and off with no bending over whenever I wanted to. Only 3 months more - that is crazy!! :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Oh my goodness those pants look soo comfortable. I hated wearing those other maternity pants wear the band only comes up half way on your belly! They used to kill me. I actually bought some black pants like these and they were the best! I even wore them fore 2 months after I had kingston too. The joys haha.

    I'll have to remember the tums next time I am preggers also.

    I can't wait to read more!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

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    Have a wonderful day! If you're on twitter let me know and I'll follow there as well but I didn't see your link :)

  13. oh I would have died without tums with this pregnancy. it was such a life saver.

    also I think its neat they have a little storage case for the ept test..kinda cool!

    Hope all goes well with your pregnancy!

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