Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun Finds!!!

I've decided to change the way I post reviews. So here's the new format:

1. Fun Finds- Adorable, awesome, and too-cute-not-to-share stuff for kids and babies! This will include items I've received to review and love, as well as things I randomly find and just want to share with all my readers!

2. Fabulous Finds- This is along the same lines as Fun Finds, except it will be stuff for moms and adults!

3. Frugal Finds- Deals that are too good to pass up!

Today's Fun Find I'm dying to share with you is. . . the most precious, adorable car seat cover in the entire world!!!

I waited all the way until I had my second baby to get a car seat cover. And let's face it. . . the Graco infant car seats, while incredibly safe and functional, are not known for their looks. Mine is navy blue with Winnie the Pooh fabric, and pretty much ugly as can be. I fell in LOVE with this car seat cover from Redbird Couture the minute I saw it online. I HAD to have it! And I have been loving it every day since then!!!

What I love about it:
1. It's GORGEOUS and just can't get any cuter!
2. The quality is amazing! Thick, extremely soft fabric that I wish I could ride around in all day the way newborns can. Natalie loved the cushy, wooly white fabric on the inside and she slept in it so well!
3. The Redbird design that I chose works equally well for boys and girls (someday. . . I WILL have a boy someday!)
4. Little loops are included on the sides for attaching toys and links.
5. I have seen a lot of car seat covers and this one is by FAR the softest, most adorable, and best quality of any I have ever seen! I will recommend it forever!

The price: $59! A true bargain for such a quality product that you will get tons of use out of!

*If you're not worried about keeping things gender-neutral, I also love this blossoms design!

I'd love some feedback! Do you like the new format for Fun Finds, Fabulous Finds, and Frugal Finds?


  1. I love your new format. I've been meaning to e-mail you forever! I need to send you some flowers... talk to you soon! And yes, I LOVE this carseat cover. So cute!

  2. I think the new format is great. We'll know right away what if it's something we're interested in. That cover looks luscious.

  3. I love the seat cover and love the price even more! Great Find!

  4. That is an amazing price for such handiwork! I bet I will need a way to spruce up our infant car seat by the time baby number three (if we are so blessed with another!!) comes along to us it! I will definitely bookmark the covers so i can find it when the time comes!

  5. I love love LOVE that carseat cover!!! So cute!!!!!!

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