Friday, March 19, 2010

My Baby Is 11 Months Old!

Natalie will be ONE in just a month! Craziness! The year has flown by MUCH faster with my second baby than it did with my first. Maybe because it's so much busier taking care of two kids than taking care of one? I don't know, but for whatever reason it's just going incredibly fast!

Here are some random things that I just don't want to forget about my Natalie:

*She doesn't walk yet, but she's very coordinated! She's good at balancing, maneuvering into pretty much into position she wants to, and she's gotten to be a VERY fast crawler so she can chase around her sister and our cats. It's so cute to see her crawl around the house! I'll actually be a little sad when she starts walking, just because crawling is so darn adorable.

(I love this picture I took of her at the park a few weeks ago!)

*She loves to make messes, and mash or tear up absolutely anything with her hands. The other day we found her tearing up a big piece of styrofoam into tiny little pieces. It looked like she was surrounded by snowflakes! She also goes crazy trying to get all the Play-doh in her mouth, the floor, and her hands at toddler group. Another of her favorite past-times is finding Kirsten's sippy cups and shaking them upside down to see the water drip out of them.

*She LOVES the cats, and I do mean loves! She chases them around, grabs their fur or their face when she ever gets the chance, and squeals with delight when she even sees a picture of a cat in a book. I'm so glad we have another kitty lover in the house! Kirsten just likes to boss them around, and she really isn't nice to them.

*Today she must have been absolutely dead tired, because on the way home from toddler group she fell asleep in her car seat, while Kirsten was screaming and crying for the entire drive home. How on earth did she do that? Plus, she always wakes up when I turn the car off, but she stayed asleep this time. I brought her inside, set the car seat down in the entryway, and she's been sleeping in there for an hour and a half and still snoozing! The last time she did that she was probably about four months old. So I have no idea where this came from today!
*This girl is outgrowing everything! She's already been wearing the 12-18 month clothes for a couple of months now, and some of the pants are already too short. And she'll be saying goodbye to her infant seat soon. She's too heavy to heft around in it anymore!

*She still loves to play with Kirsten, but she's definitely learning how to not let Kirsten mess with her too much. She squeals, squawks, or screams whenever Kirsten takes a toy away from her or does something to her she doesn't like. She's learning fast! But she also loves to watch Kirsten play, chase her around, and take baths with her.

*She loves to eat ALL baby foods, and gets very impatient and upset when she has to wait even a minute for her food. As soon as she gets in that high chair she starts demanding it, and gets really fussy when we're opening up the next jar after she finishes the first one. She's still hesitant about textures of real foods though, but she sure loves her baby food!
*She loves music! One of her favorite toys is her Fisher Price Seahorse that lights up and plays music. She loves to press its tummy to make the music start, and then she'll just sit there and hold it for awhile. She also loves to stand up in her crib and turn her mobile on, and sometimes she'll bob up and down like she's dancing.

*Whenever she's sad or wanting something, she just says, "Mum mum mum" over and over. I guess it should make me feel good that she wants me. :)

*One of my favorite things about her is her great sense of humor that she has already! Sometimes she'll laugh SO hard at the most random stuff. Yesterday she was throwing some toy links up in the air and laughing so hard she almost fell over. She kept doing it over and over, and it was making me laugh really hard too because of her reaction. Thanks for entertaining me, Natalie!

(This is one of her "laughing so hard she almost falls over" moments).
She brightens up my life, and we all love her SO much!!!


  1. I love that last picture! So cute!

  2. Haha, she's SO cute! I love how her hair is so fuzzy and sticks everywhere! What a fun baby!

  3. Cute! I'm amazed she's still in her infant seat! I think my lightest kid outgrew theirs by 9 months!
    The time does seem to go by faster when you have more than one! Even one child seems to go by too fast!

  4. I sure LOVE that picture of her laughing in the covers! You've got skills Ash!....and a cute baby!

  5. Natalie looks SO MUCH like Kirsten in that last picture! They look a lot alike anyway, but that pic in particular.

  6. She is adorable - I love her sticky out hair and her gorgeous eyes! I can't believe she will be one in one month! Time goes by way too fast.

  7. Love the new look here! love love love love it! Kirsten looks like such a doll - I wish I could hear that laugh of hers in person!

  8. haha! i love her hair!!! ;) she is so cute! i can't believe she is already about to be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. She is so cute! I can't believe she is already almost 1! How did that happen?! Our baby will be closest in age with Natalie, and I can't wait for them to be cute little cousins!

  10. I can't believe that she's almost one! Natalie is such a sweetheart.

  11. She's adorable! I just want to pinch her chubby cheeks! I think she's looking a little more like Kirsten.

  12. Hey Ashley - LONG time no see! I love your family picture and your kids are adorable - my first (and only so far) is 14 months - time has gone by so fast I can't think of how fast it will go by when we have more kids. I love your posts!

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