Monday, March 15, 2010

The Fun and the Fabulous Reviews. . . Kid's Shoes!

If you've spent much time around me and my baby, you might have noticed that I rarely put shoes on her. She always wears socks, but I usually stop there. I have a hard time finding baby shoes that actually seem comfortable for their growing feet, and I just don't see much point to putting shoes on them until they're walking. But I have found two different shoe companies for babies and toddlers that are awesome! Flexible, comfortable, and great-looking too!

You've probably heard of Pediped, as it's a pretty popular infant shoe brand. I received a pair for Natalie, and I was so sad when she outgrew them because they are just too adorable for words! Look at these sweet little things:
Why I love Pediped (and why I think you will too!):
*They are soft-soled shoes, yet they work great for indoor or outdoor use! Unlike Robeez, these can hold up well being worn outside. Plus, they're soooo much cuter than Robeez!
*The soles are made with a double layer of leather plus a foam pad for extra cushioning. This makes them comfortable as well as really strong and durable!
*They are approved by the American Medical Pediatric Association.
*The Velcro fasteners make them a snap to put on, and babies can't kick them off!
*They have a ton of cute styles to choose from.
*The ones I received are the Originals, which range in sizes from 0-24 months. They also feature Machine Washable and Memory Foam Technology shoes for older kids. I'd really like to try those out! They sound so cool!
*Boys or girls, they've got you covered! When I have a boy someday I'd really like to get him these. So sporty and stylish!

I know winter is coming to an end for most of us, and now is the perfect time to stock up on winter and cold weather gear for this next year at great prices. I found such an awesome Canadian company called Stonz, and they make versatile all-season booties that can be worn over shoes, socks, liners, or bare feet. They keep those little toes SO warm! I absolutely adore the pair I got for Natalie. Just try not to smile when you see this bright, cheerful yellow and the fun ladybug print on a cold, dreary day!
My favorite things about these Stonz booties include:
*They range in sizes from 0-2 and a half years. They're perfect for taking babies out to play in the cold weather, and toddlers can wear them too to help keep them warm when they're running around!
*You can wash and dry them in your machines!
*The soles are soft, rubberized, and skid-resistant.
*They provide wind and water-resistance with nylon coating! It's really hard to keep kid's feet dry, especially if you're playing in the snow, and these do the trick!
*They're the easiest things ever to slip on and off, and they have adjustable toggles at ankle and calf to make sure they stay on when you want them to.
*They're fleece-lined for warmth and comfort. I wish they made them in adult sizes!
*The designs are truly spectacular. They make me happy!

Deal Alert: Each pair normally sells for $46.95, and right now they are having a rare sale featuring some discontinued styles. It's only $24.99 for a pair, and some of the cutest designs are included in this sale, like this daisy pair:

I also love this Aloha Blue design featured in the Sale section (or they have Aloha Pink!) SOOOOOO cute!
Happy shopping! I hope these reviews can help you find some great shoes for your little ones too!

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