Monday, March 8, 2010

The Best Swimsuit In the World!!!

I can't even begin to describe how much I hate, loathe, and despise swimsuit shopping. Are you with me??? It used to seriously make me cry. Nothing ever fit me right, and there's just something so awful about so much discouragement squeezed into one shopping trip. Ugh!!! Now, I vow to never go swimsuit shopping again! I've discovered the secret weapon that all girls who hate swimsuit shopping should know about. . .

Hapari Swimwear!!!

I received a swimsuit from Hapari to review, and I was fully expecting it to not fit me. In the past, if any swimsuit ever fits me in the hips and stomach, it's too small for my chest. If it fits my chest (which is pretty much impossible), it's too big everywhere else. I was AMAZED that a swimsuit this gorgeous actually fits me. But it does! I'm totally hooked on the design. And of course I don't look as good in it as this model does, but I'm comfortable being seen in it and that says a lot!
I love so MANY things about my swimsuit from Hapari, and here's a rundown of what makes it so awesome:
*I got the long tankini style, and it's actually modest! The tankini top completely covers my middle at all times, and it's long enough that I feel really comfortable in it.
*The straps are adjustable, so I can wear it tank-style, criss-cross style, or halter style.
*Did I mention that the top actually fits my chest?!? The only thing I wish it had is under-wire. But since I can adjust the straps and make them as tight as I want, I'm able to get enough support that way.
*The bottoms can be mix-and-matched with all the tops, and the bottoms are AMAZING. They call them tummy-tuck bottoms, and they really do tuck you in and hide unwanted curves in that area. I love them!!! They give me that extra bit of confidence at the pool, but they're not too tight. They're still really comfortable!
*That's another amazing thing. . . the whole swimsuit is actually comfortable, and looks great at the same time! They have SO many super cute designs.

So now that you all know how much I adore my Hapari swimsuit, you better go check them out! If you are looking for stylish tankini swimwear, visit! They have so many options for modest tankini swimsuits, and they also feature bikini tops, skirt bottoms, and swimsuits in plus sizes and child sizes. They're based in Utah, and they actually have a store in American Fork. I will ONLY be ordering swimsuits from this store in the future. They definitely gained themselves a lifetime customer in me!
Never again will I have to take that dreaded swimsuit shopping trip. And that makes me pretty darn happy!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I hate swimsuit shopping too, because at my size all the modest swimsuits are either too young or too old.

  2. Super cute Ashley! I always end up getting a reg practice suit to wear for the beach. Since I teach water aerobics I don't have time or the money to waste on a "casual" suit because I always have to settle. I am definitly going to check them out.

  3. That is the cutest swimsuit EVER, that black and white one!

  4. I actually have 8 of their swimsuits. My friends aunt owns the store. I love their stuff.

  5. I am glad you got to review Hapari! I have heard of them and looked into their suits, but I was always never to fork out the money for them since I didn't know if they would fit! I also didn't know they have a store in AF. That is awesome! Thanks!

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