Monday, March 29, 2010

Moments of Pure Awesomeness

Sometimes in life you're awarded moments of pure awesomeness. Like these. . .

*Kirsten correctly identified The Beach Boys in the car the other day. It made me so happy, you don't even know!

*Enjoying sunny spring days at the International Fountain in Seattle. The only cooler fountain I've ever seen is outside the Bellagio in Vegas. Kirsten was mesmerized!

*Walking into Albertson's and unexpectedly finding Grandma Sycamore's HomeMaid Bread. Hold the phones! That was the only kind of bread we bought when we lived in Utah, but until this week I had NEVER seen it for sale anyplace else. And now they sell it here in Washington!!! We are beyond thrilled in this house. It's seriously the BEST bread ever, and the only bread I will actually eat plain, by the slice. We've been savoring it ever since I found it!

*Getting royally rained on at the Woodland Park Zoo. Yep. Rained on.

*Going to see the penguins in the rain.

*Owls are just pure awesome. Rain or shine.

*Getting face to face with a monkey! Kirsten thought the monkey was sad, and asked why he was crying. Aww. He did look pretty sad.

*Spending time with my two little monkeys.

*When this little baby laughs so hard she almost falls over. It's hilarious!

*Kirsten's comment when I came down the stairs yesterday: "Mommy, you're so beautiful!" It melted my heart. It was the first time she's ever said that to me!

*Watching your almost 3-year old build a tower taller than herself. Nice!

*Wearing flip flops on a rainy, cold day. Proof that you can take the girl out of California, but you can't take the California out of the girl!

*Saturdays at the park with a very happy toddler.

*Watching your children learn new skills.

*The complete joy that comes from playing in a ball pit. Kirsten thought she had died and gone to heaven. All she needed was "hass cream." (And the way she pronounces ice cream is pretty awesome too).

*Seeing your husband play with your kids.

*Kirsten's cute rendition of "Happy birthday to you", sung to Stephen on his 30'th birthday.

*How worried she was when the Baskin-Robbins lady took the cake we chose to the back to write on it with icing. She kept asking, "Where's Daddy's cake?"

*Your husband turning 30. . . when you're still 28 and can make fun of him for his "old age." Mwah-ha!

*Biting into Garlic Cheese Bread from Black Angus. Someday I really am going to order that, as my meal. And eat it all by myself!

*Getting two little kids to actually smile at the same time for a picture. Miracles at work here!

*Realizing that they really do love each other, and capturing that moment.

*Being only two weeks away from going on a wickedly cool, amazingly awesome vacation to South America for your 5 year anniversary!

*Finding the kitten in funny places, like the baby swing and the infant car seat.

Gotta love those amazing moments! I hope this week is filled with moments of pure awesomeness for everyone reading this!


  1. Lovin' your pictures and awesomeness. Your girls are just too cute! And now I really want an ice cream cake......

  2. Been watching a little Kung Fu Panda?? It's a particular favorite at our house right now. Can't wait to see those cute girls next week!

  3. Wow, those are such great moments, and you captured all of them! Very impressive! You have such cute and lovable girls, I love it!!

  4. Love the pictures! And I turned 33 this weekend, so your hubby seems young to me :)

    I tagged you in a post today:

    Hope we'll get to see you guys soon!

  5. Such a fun post - I especially love the picture of Kirsten with the blocks, wait..and Stephen and Natalie in the ball pool, and the monkey girls...there are way too many cute pictures to choose! I LOVE Grandma Sycamore, was totally disappointed with the bread selection when we moved back to CA. Why that is not national I do not know!

  6. When we saw the gorillas at the zoo, they were eating their own vomit. Then they'd puke it up again into their hand, then eat it again. I was 9 months pregnant and nearly lost it.

  7. I especially love that pictures of the girls with the monkey statues. How cute! And, by the way, I have a pass to the Woodland Park Zoo. Let me know if you want to go again!

  8. Miranda, I hope for everyone's sake that you did not capture that vomit moment on camera :) This was an awesome post and love all of you so much! The good definately outweighs the Natalie teething moments...

  9. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this post! And that pic of Kirsten standing in front of that orb blue viewing area is GORGEOUS! And I still get a kick out of Natalie's hair always sticking up, so funny!

  10. Awwwh great pictures!! Love ya!

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