Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Fun and the Fabulous Reviews!

Time for some more reviews of some really great stuff!
My disclaimer: I did receive samples to review from all of these companies. However, I was not compensated to write my reviews and and all the opinions are completely mine.

#1. . . Unique and fun kid's clothing from Bored Inc!
This photo of my two girls was taken last summer, in the matching whale shirt and whale onesie that I received from Bored, Inc. Oh my GOSH, look how little Natalie was! So bald and so chubby!!! This was one of the first cute photos I got of the two of them together.

Bored Inc is designed and run by a mother/daughter team from LA. Their art is based on their love of super cute Japanese character art. And they love to create products that make everyday life just a little bit cuter. Who couldn't use more cuteness every day? I love how unique their designs are, like this cute baby onesie:

Their website has a HUGE variety of cute things, including belts, prints, clothes for adults, babies, and toddlers, and even wall decals! If I could choose anything from their site, I think I'd pick this Bird on a Branch wall decal. TOO cute for a little girl's room!

I just love their sweet and adorable designs! If you're looking for unique art prints for your child's walls, look no further! I love these elephants!

They even have adorable greeting cards!

The quality of the onesie and T-shirt I received for my girls was also very wonderful. Soft, lightweight, and it held up great in the wash. I was very happy with it!
Deal Alert: Use the coupon code 'BlogDiscount' for 15% off their entire site!

#2- This one is for BYU fans of all ages and sizes. . . (or University of Utah or Utah State fans, too). . . Complete Youth Football Uniforms for kids ages 3-10 from Huddle Up! The quality of these uniforms is SO impressive and this would be just the greatest costume for Halloween or for photography or just dressing up!

Each uniform comes with all of these pieces:
*Team logo helmet with adjustable chin strap
*Team jersey that is personalized with your name and number of choice!
*Pants with elastic waistband
*Shoulder pads

Isn't that just the cutest thing? It's such an awesome idea!
At the time, they only offer uniforms for the three Utah teams I mentioned, but they plan to offer uniforms from other colleges in the future as they expand their licensed territory. Each complete uniform is only $50! I think this is an awesome deal, considering the cost of most flimsy kid's Halloween costumes that aren't nearly this creative or good quality. Start thinking of Halloween early and go check out Huddle Up!

#3- Exercises that a new mommy can safely and easily do with her baby can be really difficult to find. That's why I'm really excited about the Lullaby Exercises DVD from Chicks-n-Chickens.

Why it's so great:
*It focuses on connecting and bonding with your baby while you exercise. This is a truly unique concept and it's really refreshing!
*The series of movements include dancing, swaying, stretching, and relaxing, and are meant to be performed with a baby in your arms or a front carrier. I found it to be a good enough work-out but not too strenuous or difficult. The moments felt natural, and my baby really responded well to the rhythms.
*It can also be a good way to put little ones to sleep! Especially if you have a fussy or colicky baby who has trouble going to sleep, I think this would work really well and is definitely worth a try.
*I like the music in the background, and the other moms with their babies look like real moms, not impossibly thin women who happen to be holding babies.
*The DVD is 35 minutes long and features a high-energy "groove" set followed by a relaxing "sleep" set. It also comes with a CD of the soundtrack!
The DVD/CD combo is $29.95, and would be such a great gift for any new mom or mom-to-be. The Chicks-n-Chickens site is also offering a really great deal right now. . . a Moby Wrap AND the DVD/CD combo for $50! Go to this page for info about how to order, and use the code 'SACCO' at check-out!

#4. . . Another DVD, and this one's fun for toddlers! It's Hip Hop, Baby! is a DVD series geared at kids ages 2 to 6. Kirsten is almost 3, and she really enjoys these! They combine education with fun, child-friendly hip hop music. You can go here to preview them. Kirsten isn't too good at actually following the directions and learning the dance moves yet, but she's getting there! She likes the fun songs and characters, and she likes dancing around to the rhythms and songs. You can buy them on Amazon for $13.50 each right now! Great deal for something that'll get your kid moving and hopping around the room, instead of just watching from the couch!

#5. . . Beautiful art for your walls from Dali Decals! Wall decals are really popular right now, and I can see why! They're easier, faster, and less expensive than painting, and you can remove them at any time. When we first bought our house I thought about stenciling designs onto Kirsten's walls, but quickly vetoed that in favor of using cute wall decals instead. Dali Decals is such an amazing website. They can create designs in over 40 different colors, and they can be customized to any size you want! They can also create a completely customized design for you, if you have something really specific you're looking for. I chose this Cherry Blossoms design, and I'm so in love with it! And this gorgeous decal is such an awesome deal, too. . . only $15!
(That photo is from their website, not from my own home. I'm actually saving my decal until we move to a home we'll be in for a very long time, since these designs are completely removable but not reusable.)
This is another one of my favorites from their site:

Dali Decals are actually safe for outdoor use, and bathroom use too! You can apply them to mirrors, glass, tiles, or acrylic shower walls. They have SO many awesome designs to choose from! How cute are these flowers for a kid's room or playroom?

Deal Alert: Use the discount code 'VeaterFam5off' for a 5% discount off their entire site!

#6. . . A completely personalized kingdom and map for your child from Kidlandia! I have to admit, I had SO much fun making this for Kirsten. Their website is completely easy to use, and it's just a ton of fun to make your child's kingdom look exactly how you want it. You can add all kinds of creatures, towns, lakes, mountains, and tons of other stuff. And it's really easy to increase and decrease the sizes, too. I just love the artwork and all the funny imaginary creatures.
To see the one I created for Kirsten, go here. I had way too much fun naming all the characters and cities and resources after people Kirsten knows. I was really excited to see how it all turned out, and when it came in the mail I was really happy with it. It's a canvas scroll, very high-quality and really nice. Kirsten has such a great time laughing at the funny creatures and asking me what everything is. The canvas scrolls are $99.95, and the gallery-wrapped canvases start at $89.95 for the smallest size. You can also choose to have your personalized kingdom printed as a jigsaw puzzle, for $39.95. I think an older kid would have a really fun time putting together a puzzle of their very own land!

Deal Alert: Kidlandia is offering a 15% discount to my blog readers when you use the coupon code: 'KidMap15'.

#7. . . Really awesome stroller accessories from Carry You! When I bought my expensive double stroller, I was pretty bummed that it didn't come with some of the things that are standard on every Graco single stroller (the one I had been used to). It didn't have a place at the handles for me to put my cup or my keys, and it also didn't have snack trays or cup holders for the kids. These are really essential! So I started looking around for something that I could attach to my stroller. Carry You has a massive line of stroller accessories, including exactly what I was looking for.

The Piccolo Snack Tray attaches to the child bar on my double stroller, and it includes a sippy cup holder, two loops to attach toys, and more space for snacks or toys. It's made of completely washable material, and is really easy to attach with Velcro. It's also really sturdy and durable! Thank goodness I found this!

The Sicily Double Stroller Cup Holder has also been a lifesaver! It has two adult drink holders, three large top-load pockets for extra sippy cups, diapers, or toys, three more medium top-load pockets, and a small front pocket that I love using for my keys, cell phone, and iPod shuffle. I love having all this extra storage space on my double stroller, and it's exactly what I've been needing.
Another Deal Alert: As long as you order in March, you can use the discount code 'FREESHIPMARCH' for free USPS economy shipping with no minimum!

I really hope my reviews help some of you who may be looking for stuff like this! I always enjoy sharing and talking about my new favorite things with my readers or anyone who wants more info!


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