Monday, July 20, 2009

For the Kids. . . Or the Parents???

Aren't these just the most adorable kid's backpacks you've ever seen???
If Kirsten was old enough to start school, I'd be buying her one right now!

And she'd take her lunch to school in this:
I just adore cute products for kids! Which brings up the question. . . do we buy cute things and fun toys because our kids want them or because we do???

Stephen thinks I buy things for Kirsten and Natalie that I am most drawn to. And I've gotta admit, it's true!!! Especially because neither of them are old enough to ask for specific things yet. I get free reign to pick the cutest stuff for them! But don't guys do the same thing when they have boys??? I remember my Dad spending hours setting up the train set my brother got for Christmas, and I think he played with it more than my brother ever did! We also have a video tape of my Dad building block towers with me when I was little. I went away after awhile, bored with the blocks, but the video stayed on him for the next 10 minutes, happily building his tower! Those blocks might have been for me. . . a little bit. . . but mostly for him! :)

So, on that note, the toys I really want to buy for me (wait, I mean. . . for Kirsten) when she's a year or two older are these:
The completely cute Calico Critter families! Did anybody else play with these when they were little? They've been around for a long time, and I never owned any, but I remember playing with them at a friend's house and loving them!
I had no idea there were so many different families and play sets and different collectible stuff to go with them. Kirsten (and me!) will love them!
And all the cute little animal families will live happily ever after in this amazing house. You can even furnish all the rooms and add wallpaper!

Is it weird that I'm drooling over kid's toys?? Am I crazy? You tell me!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

    And daughter gives me good reason to buy things for 'her'....

  2. Oh we SOOO buy them for us. Sometimes I think having four kids was just an excuse for buying cute stuff for, me... um them. Though I would SO carry that watermellon thing anyway!

    Thanks for stopping by The Nuggets. Come back often. I promise I don't always talk about cat pee!

  3. Love that lunchbox! My daughter can only carry see thru backpacks which is really NO fun, but the ones you posted are super cute!

    And yes, I did LOVE Calico Critters when I was a little girl. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  4. Okay, I must definitely get the Calico critters because they remind me of the cartoon "Mapletown" I used to watch as a kid...oh and plus also I think (hope) my kids would love them, too! Since four out of five of my kids are older (10, 8, 6, and 4)I no longer get to pick out for them what I think is cute or fun, but you can bet your bottom dollar I will continue doing it with my toddler!

  5. I always say that I can't wait to have kids so that I will have an excuse to do kid things again. And I have a hard time buying things for kids because I have to remind myself to buy what THEY want and like, not what I want and like.

  6. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! You are so funny and sooooooooo truthful!! I loooove kids clothes...seriously they are so cute I'm always like hey why can't I wear this? :)

  7. So cute!!!! Isn't Merrianne a great blogger? AND you know her in person as well? WOW! I'm defintely jealous. Tell her to move to Vegas. I'm moving to MEsquite NEV in about a month so tell her she needs to get her bum in gear! HA! I really enjot her blog. AND THANKS for checking mine out. Yours is cute too. I'm looking for the giveaway though.

  8. Cute!! The mom of one of the kids in my class last year created a cute lunchbox - go to to see it, they're kind of adorable. :)

  9. I TOTALLY buy what I think is cute and not what my kids want. Hey, they are only 3 and 5 yrs old. I'm entitled right? My husband does it too though. When my son was a baby we had to scour the internet for baby NIKE gear. Oh well, I'll buy what I want till they are old enough to really have an opinion.

  10. Oh my gosh those little backpacks are adorable!

    I'm forever buying stuff for my kids. In fact, I rarely buy stuff for me anymore...because I spend all the cash on the kids. Oops.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  11. Enjoy shopping while there is no opinion - because by the time you buy that first back pack, she's going to know exactly what SHE wants :)

  12. Cute stuff! And enjoy buying what YOU like while you can! Cuz when the kidlets start to notice and care, they almost never choose what you would've!
    Have a good one -

  13. I think it is OK if we moms buy things for our kids that we like too. After all, who is going to be playing with them? My son is addicted to monster trucks, but I think my husband is worse. They watch Monster Jam together all the time.

  14. thanks for stopping by my blog! I've known Rachel for ...ummm... well lets say its been a while.
    Your blog is so cute! I love your giveaways! Pediped shoes are SO darling - and these backpacks are adorable!

  15. OH!!!!!!!!!! Savanna has 2 Calico Critter families!!! I love them! They're SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!

  16. I've never seen them before but are seriously cute!!!

    Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. You don't have any boys yet...but they will just eat these cute toys. LOL. Or make them growl and eat you!

  17. I learned to only pick games that I could stand to play with them as they got older.

    These are cute! Since I don't have any girls, I'm thinking of buying a dollhouse just for me.

  18. CUTE CUTE toys!!! I used have little critters like those, and I'd play with them for hours.

    Oh boy, I can't wait till Clark and I have kids so I can splurge on toys :)

    p.s. Added your blog link to my blogroll, Check it

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