Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Final Rose!

Just finished watching the Bachelorette finale, and of course I had to jump on here and write my thoughts on it before I forget them all!

So, for starters. . . I totally knew she'd pick Ed.
KNEW it.
He wasn't one of my favorites, but I can see why she chose him. He's handsome, big and manly, and definitely smart. And you could really see the strength of their connection on their dates together. I thought he was SO sweet on their date tonight, and you could tell his emotions were real. The way he was looking at her, touching her face, and the things he said to her. . . he was melting ME, and I wasn't even there! So I can just imagine how melted into a puddled mess she must have been on that date!
Who else thought it was hilarious that at the end of their date the lights went off in the window and then they showed that shot of the volcano exploding? Now that is just good TV!
It might almost make up for the fact that the entire world now knows that he couldn't, um, perform on their last date before that.
Seriously, though. . . I think she made the right choice for her.

My other thoughts included:

*It was such a dead giveaway that Jillian was going to cut Kiptyn first. Even on their date, when he started talking about his feelings for her, her face looked really sad and you could see in her eyes that she knew she wasn't going to choose him. She wasn't very good at hiding that emotion! I saw no happiness or excitement in her at all, just sadness that she'd have to hurt him.

*Kiptyn really was a sweetheart, especially with the things he said to her after she rejected him. He was a total gentleman and showed a lot of class. He was my favorite from the beginning, and I think he'd make a great Bachelor for the next show!

*Ed's fashion choices? Mostly strange. I really wasn't digging the unbuttoned pink-checkered shirt over the weird green tank top. Especially with the chest hair sticking out the top, it was a total turn-off. Good thing he has a handsome face!

*Poor Reid. The show really did a great job of making that a dramatic moment, that's for sure. And it was a pretty mean trick to pull on Jillian, making him come out right before she was about to choose Ed. I thought for sure he'd come propose earlier in the show, not right before the end! I liked him too, he was a cutie, but his emotions definitely came too late!

*Jillian's white dress was gorgeous, and I really liked the ring Ed gave her.
I hope this relationship lasts! The show needs more success stories and I hope Jillian is happy with Ed.

What did YOU think? I watched the show by myself, so I'd love to hear the thoughts of all of you who watched it!


  1. I stopped watching this show many seasons ago so I am no help to you. Sorry!! (0:

  2. I always say I am not going to watch another season....and then I do! I was so happy she picked Ed. He seemed kinda nerdy to me and yet in some way absolutely perfect for Jillian! And Nathan and I laughed so hard when the lights went off and the volcano erupted! Classic.

    And speaking of Ed's fashion...how about that swim suit??

  3. I agree! I was really happy she picked Ed, I think he's perfect for her. : ) I even got Chris hooked on the show and he made me promise not to watch it until he got home from work... haha!
    When Reid came back, Chris and I kept saying, "Who's next?!" I was half expecting Wes or someone to come back and say he made a mistake or something. Yuck, he's so gross!
    Ya, Ed's fashion was a little odd... but I think that's why I liked him so much. Ya the green shorts weren't the coolest but the fact that he could wear them and be himself around her is great.
    I'm really happy with how this season turned out and I hope Kiptyn or the pilot guy become the next Bachelor.

  4. I love the bachelor/bachelorette! This season was just as good!I always make James watch it with me!ha! He tried to get me to believe that it was all set up...but the more you watch...and think if you were in her shoes...you would have probably done everything the same!

    I knew she was going to pick Ed!James on the other hand thought it was Kipton! At least with Ed...she knew that once they go home...he still will feel the same way about her! I have to agree the only thing about him that was bad was his choice of shorts and tanks :)

    Now lets see what happens tonight!!! You should come and watch it with me!!!

  5. I am happy that she picked Ed. Although Kiptyn is super duper HOT HOT HOT, I did not think they were right for each other. I did not see the spark or anything like that. My personal favorite was Reid. I was so sad that he got booted. When I saw that he came back I was so excited and really wanted her to say yes to his proposal. Overall, I am happy that she chose Ed and hope that they stay together. If they do break up though, I think she should pull a Jason and go back to Reid ;)

    And as for Ed's fashion choices, I hope that Jillian burns those "swim trunks."

  6. I think Ed's clothes are ridiculous. We've only seen one episode before the finale last night, but it was the one with the swimsuit, and when we turned it on last night, we were kinda shocked she picked swimsuit guy who couldn't perform in the bedroom. He seemed nice, though, and picked out a great ring for her. She looked totally gorgeous, and I kept feeling sorry for her being in the heat all dressed up with her hair starting to frizz out. She still looked lovely though.

  7. I {heart} Ed! He has been in my top two since the beginning...I was a Jake fan too.

    I really don't want Kiptyn as the next Bachelor...wouldn't mind to see Jake...but then I think I would like it to be some totally random guy that hasn't been on before!

    Poor Ed and his style...I have loved most of Jillian's clothes (especially the last dress) so maybe she can help him. His hair is so much better messy than combed neatly too!

    I am looking forward to tonights after the final rose show!

  8. I think Survivor has had more successful relationships than the Bachelor - Maybe they should combine the 2 shows - No more glamorous dates, it's not showering and eating dirty rice that brings people together!

  9. I agree with your thoughts on the show. I like Ed and think they are both at the same point in their lives which is good. I don't think Kipton was really ready to get engaged and to me he seemed relieved when she didn't pick him. I did also like Reid but I think it all worked out the way it should have in the end!

  10. Hahahaha!! I just finished watching it and had to come on here and tell you what I thought!! :)

    I think I may be the only one who didn't fall in love with Ed!!! I think he was totally icky and as I'd heard him described somewhere before, he sounds like a congested Furby!!! I was dying at that nasty, awful green swimsuit! Icky!!! SO short, guys in short swimsuits...SOOOOOO nasty. I'm glad she's happy with him and loves him.

    But you're right, it's the guys that can pour on the syrup, give the good lines, actually SHOW their feelings and tell us women how they feel...they're the ones that win our hearts. Reid was horrible at it, Kypton (even with his hot body) still couldn't show true sincerity and EMOTION, but Ed could and that's who she chose, even though he's totally yucky with all that hair everywhere...can you tell I think Ed is gross?? Hahah!

    Kypton has good looks but could he be the next Bachelor? I think he lacks emotion and sincerity. Even though the pilot dude was corny as all get out, he was really sweet and sincere. Who knows!? :)

  11. I was so happy that Jill picked Ed. he has been my favorite for awhile. And those green shorts were ridiculous!! I can't wait to watch after the final rose tonight to see if they are still together and how things are. I hope they pick Jake to be the next Bachelor!

  12. I loved it! I wasn't a kiptyn fan (sorry). Great review :)

  13. I am not of fan of the way the show keeps spring surprises. Dropping DeAnna in last season, dumping Melissa, Jake coming back, Reid's proposal........It's just mean!!! At least a head's up of "someone's in your room" or something!

    I never seem to pick the right person for the bachelor/ette! Either I pick the one *I* would be most compatible with, or I decide that they're going to pick the wrong person and end up picking the right one! It's crazy. I just have a horrible track record with guessing who they'll pick.

    They seemed INCREDIBLY happy on ATFR last night. I really, really hope they make it work!!


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