Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's Making Me Happy This Week!

There are tons of things making me happy lately! Here's just a partial list:

1. I got tickets to go see. . . .
YAY!!! I've never been to the tour before, even though I've faithfully watched this show since season one. And this year I'm GOING to see my favorite top 10 ever! I bought the tickets at the Pre-sale and they were already almost gone. So the seats aren't good, but at least they're seats, right? Their Everett, WA show is the very last stop on their tour.
SOOOOOO excited!

2. Listening to the following songs, in my car at a loud volume:
*Halo by Beyonce
*Smile by Uncle Kracker
*Battlefield by Jordin Sparks
*Mad by Neyo
*My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson
*Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf
*Closer to Love by Matt Kearney
*Hot 'n Cold by Katy Perry

3. Going to see Harry Potter 6 last weekend with Stephen. We are both BIG Harry Potter fans, and we both really liked the new movie. I thought it was so much funnier than all the other ones, despite its creepy/scary/sad moments.

4. Eating a really nice and yummy dinner at El Gaucho steakhouse before the movie. The service was impeccable, the steaks were amazing, and they had a side dish of Coastal Cheddar Mac 'n Cheese that was seriously to die for! We got buy one get one free entrees with the Microsoft Prime card too! Can't beat that!!!

5. Looking forward to the Bachelorette finale. Who do you think she's going to choose? Kiptyn was my favorite from the beginning, but I'm guessing she's going to pick Ed. And I really can't blame her. . . he definitely is handsome! Chris Harrison said it was the most emotional finale he's ever seen out of all the seasons, so I'm anxious to see it!

6. Having friends over to play fun games. My favorite lately is the Settlers of Catan: Cities and Knights expansion. And no, it's not one of those nerdy games like Dungeons and Dragons or anything like that. If you love the original Settlers game, you've got to try the Cities and Knights version! It's more complicted, more challenging, more fun!
7. Getting lots of comments on my blog posts! I know that's just a shameless ploy for more comments, but they really do make me happy!


  1. I'm loving SYTYCD too!! I've only watched it for the last three seasons, but it's always my favorite show of the summer! The tour should be great - have fun!

  2. I'm totally JEALOUS that you get to go to the SYTYCD tour!!! Awesome. And I'm WAY pumped for the Bachelorette finale, too. I have no idea who she's gonna pick, but it kinda sounds to me like the guy she picks doesn't necessarily want to marry her. I don't know. I've missed a few episodes over the season, so I really can't guess.

    I love singing along to Halo, too! I make the boys sing with me in the car and it cracks me up. Ü

  3. I am so glas that you liked HP!!! I loved it and I am Harry Potters biggest fan over 12 years old! ; ) I love all those songs too. But you need to add Shakiras new one to the list and you would be totally set!
    We get together with our friends to play games on saturday nights and two of us had the flu this week so now we all feel deprived of our play time!
    Maybe I will have to start watching those shows because my DVR has NOTHING on it these days! ALl I have tonight is Kendra!

  4. WOW! I bet you had a BLAST at the SYTYCD tour!!!!!! man... girlfriend... you are so lucky!!!!! sounds like you had so much fun fun fun!!!

  5. and you know Comments are So Fun, arent they??? dontcha love reading the nice ones???? :)

  6. The more Comments, The Better.... right???
    Especially nice ones from friends that think YOU are awesome, and beautiful, and that you have a beautiful family... and etc... etc.... :)

  7. one more comment... just to Pump Up your numbers :) lol!

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhh man I love your post!!! Congrats on the SYTYCD tickets, wahoo!!! Can't wait to hear about that one! And it's all because you I got into the Bachelorette and I looooooooooooved it!!!! I really think Kypton is the best but she'll pick Ed, which is stupid. I personally think Ed is ugly, he looks like a big dufus and he talks nerdy. Is that mean? Well he does. And dern it, why can't you live closer to me!?!?! I am itching to find someone who will play Settlers with me!!! Danny's family is sick of it and refuses. :( Poor me. Oh and I love almost ALLLLLLLLLLLL of those songs! We have such similar music tastes!

  9. I love So You Think You Can Dance too! Congrats on scoring tickets.

    Something that is making me smile lately...the new Baskin Robins icecream cake commercial with the toppings dancing around the Ice Cream and Cake and kids dance around like maniacs when it comes on! haha

  10. Ohhhh myyy... I am biggest fan of SYTYCD.. I wish I was in US and cud watch the tour.. :((((

  11. I agree, SYTYCD has been so good this year! I'm so excited that they are having a fall season too! I love HP too. I think i might go see it again if I get a free few hours without the kids!

  12. Everyone loves comments! :) I love the game Settlers/Cities and Knights version too. That reminds me of all the game nights we used to have together. :) I like the show "So You Think you can dance", but I just can't get into it like American Idol for some reason. Maybe because I'm more into singing than dancing. It's still a fun show though!

  13. Same Same on #'s 5 & 6. My guess would be Reid (rumor is, I should say), but if not I hope for Kiptyn. I just don't trust Ed.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Settler's of Catan! Our FAV.! Have you tried out ? Totally addicting, so maybe you shouldn't. ;) If you do, let's all play!

  14. Wow loads of fun! Go Kiptyn! I can't wait to see Harry Potter but my funds are running low and don't know if I'll make it. Maybe if I just bring my son...

    SYTYCD tour sounds like a blast. You'll have to take pics if they let you!

  15. Dude. I totally just learned to play that Catan game at work yesterday. So weird that you should mention it here.

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Comments make me happy :)