Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ways to Beat the Heat!!!

In no particular order, here are the things everyone in the Seattle area has been doing for the past 3 days:




-Hiding out in ANY place they can find that has air-conditioning!
Yes, the sad truth is. . . Seattle, land of the perfect summers, is in the middle of a MASSIVE, horrible, absolutely miserable heat wave! We are having record-breaking heat, and there have been three days in a row so far of temperatures in the 90's, nights that don't cool off nearly enough, and NO relief!

Today I was in Bellevue, a half hour from my house, and it was
106 degrees!!!

That is just WRONG!
Stephen put it this way: "Whenever I go outside today, I feel like there should be some casinos, cacti, and all you can eat buffets as far as the eye can see."
Some of you reading this from Vegas or Phoenix are probably thinking I'm a wimp because you get this kind of weather all the time! But tell me. . . do you have air-conditioning in your houses?
Yes I think you do!!!
In Seattle, almost nobody has air-conditioning. Why? Because 99% of the time, we don't need it. Which is fine. Except for when you DO need it, and then you're in a constant state of misery.
I've gone swimming every night this week. Helps for awhile, but then it wears off.

We keep all the fans going and sleep right under the ceiling fan. Helps a little bit, but mostly just blows the hot air around.

I haven't turned on my oven, stove, hair straightener, or any heat-producing appliances since Sunday.

I keep thinking about going on a long drive to nowhere, just to spend time in the car with the AC blasting in my face!

So, from Seattle of all places, here are my favorite ways to. . .
beat the heat!

1. Wear as few clothes as possible. (Yes, Natalie is still smiling, despite these temperatures. She's still sleeping too, even though her room feels like an oven. I don't know how she does it!)
2. Jump through fountains gushing with ice-cold water.
3. Hide out inside large pieces of fruit. (Wait. . . how is that supposed to make us cooler? I guess anything's worth a shot!)
4. Temporarily move into the refrigerator. (Now that dog's got the right idea! I wish I fit into ours!)

5. Hit the beach! And dive right in!
6. Zip down some waterslides!

7. Of course. . . go swimming! All day if possible!

8. Hug your air-conditioner, if you are lucky enough to own one.
That's all for now from the week of never-ending torment and misery.
Please, PLEASE cool off soon!!!


  1. Sounds like a sticky summer! Our summer in Ottawa is really wet - it's been raining this entire month. yesterday we got 38mm alone!

    Great pics.

  2. I saw how hot Seattle was on the news yesterday and totally thought of you. I don't know how you can stand it!! It's 106 here too, but we have AC. Good luck, I hope it cools down soon!

  3. i do live in phoenix,it is hot here. we have ac.
    but i have dear family in Tacoma,
    and my Husbands elderly grandmother in Marysville where it is getting to the mid to high 90's and his father who lives in Lake Stevens it is also in the 90's and these people have lived there all their lives..with no ac. and are not used to the heat. we are worried for our elderly family. they can't take the heat

  4. We are so thankful for our basement! We haven't turned on lights this week unless absolutely necessary, and we've been employing both the neighborhood pool and our kiddie pool. Surprisingly, the kiddie pool is a bigger hit because the water is *colder* than the big pool... never thought I'd say that!

    I hope you and those sweet girls are staying cool... our three are going around with the minimum of clothes, too. One of the many perks of being boys, I guess. :)

  5. I like your idea to hug the air conditioner! Ha!

    It was fun to see you yesterday, even though it was SO hot. Did you hear that yesterday was the hottest day EVER (on record) in Seattle? Yikes.

  6. I hear ya! The worse thing about the positioning of our apartment is that our sliding glass door faces the sun as it sets. So those last two hours before the sun is completely down is the worse! I hate cooking! I hate doing anything that will cause me to get any warmer!

  7. Oh bummer!!! Those pictures are funny, the watermelon one cracks me up! LOL!

  8. Sorry you guys are dealing with such sweltering heat! I hope it cools off for you! Those pics are great.:)
    thanks for following my blog, good luck on the giveaway!!

  9. That cat picture is just freaky. I guess it was 109 out here in the 'burbs yesterday, but we have A/C. I have air-conditioning-guilt, though, if it makes you feel any better.

  10. Wow, I would be dying right now!! I guess I can't complain anymore about our 90 degree weather, and we have A/C. That is so not fun!! I hope it cools off soon for you. At least you're not pregnant, right?!

  11. I know what you mean. 90 degrees here means it has cooled off. We can't use our a/c because we can't afford it and our car doesn't have a/c. And I'm 9 months pregnant. Thank goodness for fans and ice water.

  12. I kmissed your giveaway but I am now a folwer or memeber of you blog, so I won't miss out again! WOW 106!!!! The baby sporting the watermelon just melted my heart!

  13. oh my goodness ASHLEY! that sound just terrible. i wish you werent so miserable right now!! i hope that a Cold Front moves into your area TONIGHT!!!!!

  14. We are trying to find creative ways to cool off, too -- LONG shopping trips in the A/C stores, visiting friends who have more shade, eating popsicles non-stop, etc. I love the sun, but the heat could drop 15-25 degrees!!!

  15. OH MY GOSH the kid in the watermelon is the cutest thing I've seen all day!!

  16. Pretty funny. We have been having a heatwave in Portland too. UGH!

  17. That was a horrible week. At least in Utah you knew you could go home to air conditioning. Though Amy and I had a horrible summer in an apartment without air conditioning, and there's very little air conditioning in homes in Italy. I've definitely had worse, but it was still awful. I couldn't sleep for a week.

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