Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Is One of Those Weeks

So guess what time Stephen got home from work last night? Go ahead, guess right now.

Nope, not midnight. . . that was last Friday. Last night he actually didn't make it home at all, until 4 am this morning! You can all feel sorry for us now. This has been his busiest week at work ever (he works for Microsoft, in the XBox Live division), and when he is at home he's been on phone calls or working on his laptop. So he doesn't get any breaks from work, and I don't get any breaks from taking care of the little ones. Yeah. . . we're both exhausted. Can you tell we need a vacation badly? Eight more days until we fly to San Diego, just eight more. I know we can make it!

Don't worry, this post isn't all negative. I happen to have some cute pictures of Kirsten at the park a couple of weekends ago. Isn't this pirate ship SO cool?

This park also had a sandbox inside a boat!
Kirsten is a funny girl. . . whenever we're walking somewhere and one of her shoes falls off, she'll say "Uh-oh, shoes!" It's a good thing she says it, because I don't always notice! She also says "Uh-oh, baby!" when she hears Natalie crying. This is a huge improvement over crying when Natalie cries, like she used to do.

Yesterday I was looking at a magazine, and Kirsten pointed to a picture of Jennifer Lopez and said, "Mommy!" I was like, "Thank you Kirsten!"

Lately she's obsessed with eating watermelon, grapes, blueberries, blackberries, and peaches. This girl would eat fruit and nothing but fruit all day long if she could! The only fruits she doesn't seem to like are raspberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon.
She called this fountain a "waterfall."
Natalie was the most wonderful baby in the world over the weekend. . . every single night, she slept 8 hours straight. Hallelujah! 8 weeks old and sleeping 8 hours straight! The last two nights weren't so good, unfortunately, but she's definitely making improvements!

She's such a smiley, happy baby, but she can suddenly realize she's hungry or tired and within two seconds go from smiling to this:
Full-on screaming! And it will continue until she gets fed or rocked to sleep.

Thank goodness she's happy and peaceful most of the time. She loved laying out on the blanket at the park.

Don't you just love tiny little baby toes?
She slept like this in her car seat through the entire three hours of church on Sunday. Didn't I say she was the most wonderful baby in the world over the weekend? I love her so much!
This is my life now, and I do love it!
Just remember to be grateful when your husband comes home from work at 4 or 5 or 6 pm! I'm praying that the craziness will end soon.


  1. Your girls are so beautiful! You can make it. . . 8 days!

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  3. I am so sorry he has been working so late! I unfortunatley know how this is. I feel as if I never get a break either. Hang in there! Your girls are beautiful! And let me know next time you're at Country Village...maybe we'll swing by!

  4. The girls are darling! I am sorry your hubby is working so hard. In ways it is a good thing! he ahs a job during this lull in the economy.

    I have to keep telling myself that also. I wish my husband made it home last night... When you work for the church, you go where you are needed! He made it to a hotel in Dallas at midnight!:-) He will come home Friday in time for us to leave for our nephew's wediing in Idaho and then he leaves again for Los Angeles on Tuesday.

    He usually only travels 1-2 weeks out of the month though.

    You can make it 8 more days and then the grandparents will be in 7th heaven in love with your little ones! i bet you get a huge break!
    Good luck and hang in there.

  5. Yes, baby toes are the best.

    I feel your pain. Mr. T has been working non-stop, too. He also didn't get home till 4:30 this morning. Unlike you, though, I only have one to look after so I'm considering myself lucky.

  6. Miss E is obsessed with fruit too. In fact, we had her doctor appointment today and the doc asked if she was eating any fruit and veggies. I remarked that fruit we had NO problem with, and that I was thrilled that I got her to take one bite of veggies a few days ago. At least they like fruit...

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's crazy schedule! Hurray for the countdown to vacation!! I'm glad you had a good baby weekend to help make up for it. :)

  8. My hubby works from home, so when he has to work late it is simply downstairs in his office. I can understand how tired you must feel.

    Thanks for your kind comment on the picture on my blog. That means a lot coming from take amazing pictures! I've always liked the pics you post.

  9. I love the Jennifer Lopez comment! What a great vacation you have to look forward to!

  10. Haha, the JLo comment was very cute. You guys are in our prayers!

  11. Your girls are adorable. :)

    Have fun in San Diego!! (I'm totally jealous!)

  12. You always dress your girls in the cutest things.

  13. Just be grateful you get a vacation; Bryan does not. Hence, I do not either. He's up early, goes to work, goes to his other work, then does school until 10pm. After that, he has to drive home from El Cajon so he can do it all over again! The best part is that this is only temporary... I am counting down the months until graduation, and then HE might work for the XBox Live division and be getting home at 4am right before a product launch! haha, be careful what I wish for, right? :)
    You can do it!!! 8 days may seem like forever (especially with a toddler & newborn with you all.the.TIME), but it will go by so fast and then you can enjoy San Diego!

  14. Wow, that is crazy! I guess at least it isn't a regular occurance. But still, that makes for a really long week for you both! You can make it 8 days...good luck!!

    Will you be in San Diego long enough to go to Fish Lake?

  15. And I thought Ryan's schedule got bad during tax season when he gets home at like 11 pm. You definitely deserve a nice, relaxing vacation!! I hope it's so much fun. I love the pictures of your girls. They are so cute!!!

  16. Adorable sweeties!
    You described my husbands schedule for our first 9 years of marriage when he was working full-time and being a student. When he WAS home, he would be hidden doing homework!

    Be grateful for the nice job that he has and try to spoil him when
    he is home. Anything home made, like cookies will mean much to him!

    I'm glad your little one is sleeping better! Keep having fun and enjoy your vacation! Ours is
    coming up in July. we'll be going to Denver, Colorado to a niece's temple wedding and seeing much family there. (My parents are both from Colorado, so there are many to see.)

    Keep smiling and reading good books when you can.
    Love always,

  17. i love love love baby toesies!!!


    i know what you mean about needing a break... and that feeling of just wanting your husband HOME!

    i am glad that you only have 8 more days to go til you can get a break!!!!

    and i am also glad that Kirsten isn't crying when she hears the baby cry anymore. :)

  18. hang in there! You will make it till vacation time, I just know it! And those pictures? Seriously awesome! They are sweet girls.

  19. YAY for San Diego!!!

    Have sooo much fun (I know you will)

    PS. You won my giveaway! Send me an e-mail and I'll get the package off to you!

  20. I'm sure you're counting down the SECONDS now! What a fun park with the ship and everything!

  21. Where is that park??? It looks Really fun!!!! I would LOVE to take Clark there.


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