Friday, June 5, 2009

Suddenly Summer

Alright, Seattle. . . it's too hot! Since nobody who lives here has air-conditioning in their houses, please bring the temperatures back down to their normal, cool, beautiful selves and give us some respite from this heat!
For the past few days it's been almost 90 degrees here. I know that might not sound too bad to a lot of you desert-dwellers, but imagine it with no AC! These have been some record high temperatures for this time of the year here, and I'm really hoping for some cool weather and SOON! It's a little better today, but I still haven't been able to sleep well at night because of the heat. It's the kind of weather where I wish I could just drive around in the car all day, with the AC blasting right in my face.

Anyway, here are some summery-looking pictures of the two little sunshines in my life:
Natalie is six weeks old now! She's SO smiley, she just loves to focus on someone's face and then start smiling at them and it's the most adorable thing!
*Highlight of the week: Two nights ago, she officially slept through the night for the first time! She slept 8 hours straight, from 1 am until 9. I was thrilled! She didn't do it last night, but I'm hoping for some repeat performances.

She tried to focus in on the camera lens. Isn't the cross-eyed baby face so funny?

And here's some more pictures of Kirsten playing at the park!

I just love the look of pure joy on her face when she's trying to catch the bubbles out of the air.

She wants to blow the bubbles herself. . . but she can't quite figure it out.
Just checked the weather. . . tomorrow's supposed to be back down in the 60's. Hooray!!! Until then, I'll be trying to beat the heat!


  1. Love the pictures- your girls are so cute! hope you guys are enjoying the cooler weather today. If I hadn't just had a c-section on Monday, I would have been dancing with happiness last night when the temperature suddenly dropped!

    Hope that you get lots more sleep soon!

  2. Fun pictures! Thomas wants to know which park that was. :) Isn't today just perfect?! Sun with cool breezes is so nice!

  3. At least you're not still pregnant in the 90 degree heat :) Girls sure are cute!

  4. Such fun pictures! And it looks like a lot of Natalie's hair has fallen out, yeah? WOW! She's SO cute though and the cross eye pic is awesome!

  5. I know, it's been unbearable! Today was SO much better. We had 30 six-year-olds and their parents on a field trip to a farm yesterday, outside for 5 hours in that heat. It was ridiculous! I was so tired and pink at the end of the day!! Really cute pictures of the girls!

  6. Wow, that is really hot! I would die in that heat, being pregnant and all. Tonight we had a rain/hail storm here. I'm glad you get a cool day tomorrow. Oh, and Natalie is getting so big!! She is such a doll. I love the cross-eyed picture too!

  7. The real question is:

    Was that Kirsten's ball or someone else's?

  8. So cute! I'm glad you got a good night sleep the other night, I hope it happens again!

  9. Wow! That IS really hot for your area! And it's only June! Amazing. We've swapped climates, it seems... Can you believe here in the desert we've had RAIN every day for 3 weeks? And quite often it's pouring-cats-and-dogs-rain. It's so, so, strange. I feel like I'm back in the northwest, while you must be feeling like you're back Utah! (except that I'm sure it's much more humid than the hot weather is here...)

    The pictures are adorable - with such beautiful girls, how could they not be! :)


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