Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kirsten's Birthday Party!

A few weeks ago, we had a small party at the park to celebrate Kirsten turning 2! And it took me this long to get the pictures edited and posted on the blog. :)

We had the party in the first week of June, the hottest week ever, but it was a gorgeous afternoon and Kirsten had such a fun time!
The party was small, but it had all the ingredients necessary for a great 2 year-0ld party:

*A fun playground

*Kirsten's best friend, Uncle Chance (yes, her best friend is an adult!)

*A beach ball
(that ball really did belong to her. . . but it didn't stop her from stealing a soccer ball from some other kids she saw)

*Fun friends!

*A grill for BBQ'ing hot dogs and hamburgers

*Chips (one of Kirsten's favorite things)

*A Daddy to man the grill for the majority of the time

(And not just any water. . . a gorgeous lake!)

*Big, shady trees and some picnic tables

*Yummy food

*The CAKE!

*Someone to cling to when you get shy because everyone is singing to you
*Two candles!
*Balloons! (another of Kirsten's favorite things)

She loved the cake so much! I had to get tons of pictures of her digging into it, because on her first birthday she would hardly touch her cake. What a difference a year makes!

*Mother Nature's dirt floor makes for much easier clean-up after the cake devouring!

She got the frosting everywhere!!!

But just look at that happy face! Kids are happiest when they're messy!

*Too many things to play with

*Presents to open!

It was a fun day at a great park to celebrate a very fun little 2 year-old!


  1. What a pretty cake and boy, did she dig in or what!? Love all the gorgeous pictures!

  2. Oh my GOSH, she got so messy! I'm laughing because that is seriously Orion after EVERY meal. I really really r.e.a.l.l.y. hope he grows out of it! :) What a fun party!

  3. Kids' birthday parties are the best!

  4. What a fun way to celebrate! Happy Belated Birthday, Kirsten!

  5. Love the cake pictures! She looks like she felt so special, what a happy day!!

  6. How fun! I wish that Sam and I could have made it to the party.

    Kiersten looks adorable in those pictures. I love the cake pictures too.

  7. Happy Birthday to the sweet girl. I have to admit that I am pretty jealous of all the cool parks that you have near you! We need some cool spots like that. I was telling Hyrum the other day that we should go visit you guys in Washington sometime. You never know, maybe Hyrum will get a job there!

  8. Hello!
    I am so glad that you let your little sweetie explore the world and allow her to get messy!

    I still have pictures of my kids getting dirty, one particularly rainy spring afternoon after the rain stopped, I just had to get out of the house and get some fresh air and push the kids in the stroller to the swings at the park and my oldest saw a yuge puddle and jumped right in and from head to toe was full of mud! I thought, I can either get mad, or enjoy this and I chose to enjoy, and fortunately had a camera with me! What a memory!

    Thanks for sharing joyful pictures!

  9. Awhhh how fun!!!!!! :)

    I'm seriously thinking of keeping it low key next year. Parties are exhausting. LOL!

  10. Happy Birthday to Kirsten! She looks so cute!

  11. What a fun birthday party! Did you make the cake? It's gorgeous! You're such a good party planner. :)

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