Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adventures at the Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, Stephen and I were brave enough to navigate the Woodland Park Zoo with a newborn and a toddler. I most definitely wouldn't have attempted this feat by myself! Here's my favorite picture from the day. . . me and my baby!
Of course Natalie was oblivious to all the animals. She was just along for the ride.
We got to break in the new double stroller, the Valco Twin Latitude. We hooked the infant seat onto one side, and Kirsten did enjoy riding in the other side. The stroller is really easy to push and steer, much easier than my Graco single stroller despite the heavier weight. So we really like the stroller, with only one con that we've noticed. . . it is a pain to fold up!
Kirsten wanted to get out and climb all over everything. . . which is fine, until you want to put her back in the stroller and she gets mad at you!
But she had a ton of fun exploring the zoo for a couple of hours!
I didn't change her outfit in the middle of the day. . . some of these are pictures from another zoo trip. Uncle Chance actually volunteered to take Kirsten to the zoo by himself one day so I could have a break and stay home with the baby. Talk about a mom's best friend!
Kirsten had a great time at the zoo with him.
They saw this ocelot kitten. . . how adorable is that???
And Kirsten the climber was out in full force.

This peacock we saw was soooo cool, showing off its feathers!
The stinkiest animal at the zoo award has got to go to the flamingos. Nasty! But Kirsten likes them anyway.

She snacked on apples and cheese slices all afternoon in the stroller.
Kirsten knew this was a giraffe!
She also identified the zebra we saw, and I had no idea she knew the word zebra. She really does listen to me when I rattle off animal names! And when we left she said, "Bye zoo!"

A day at the zoo with two young kids. . . lots of fun, but not for the faint of heart.


  1. How fun! BTW, Ashley, you look great!

    (I saw your note on Facebook. We really do need to get together. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you; I've got a lot of stuff going on this week. Things should slow down by next Tuesday or so...then I'll write you and we can figure out a time to play!)

  2. these are awesome picks... hope the new penguin exhibit is as great as i hear... haven't had a chance to get down there yet...

  3. What a fun little trip! Way to go on making it all day with two little ones. That can be quite a challenge, but Kirsten looked like she was loving every minute!

  4. Precious little ones and you do look wonderful!
    You are a lucky mama and so are these cutie pies to have you.


  5. How sweet! That is fun that you got to go out. I'm glad Stephen was able to go to help you. I can't imagine that would be easy!

  6. wow, those are some great pictures! I love the one of her climbing the stairs. It looks professional!! I'd frame that one and hang it up. So cute.
    They're both SO adorable.
    I wish our zoo here in Vegas was bigger. We go, but we're done in about an hour. SOme days, that's plenty of time, but when you want to spend a day out doing something, it's just not the place to go.

  7. So awesome! Zoo is always a fun trip in our family. maybe we could all go to the zoo when you are done here to see the new elephant odyssey

  8. I love the little clip in her hair! You look great!!! Sounds like a fun afternoon.

  9. How fun! L♥ve the pictures :)

  10. having flashbacks of doing that zoo with a 4 year old, 2 year old, and a newborn. VERY grateful hubby was there, and I sooooooo know what you mean about stuffing an unwilling toddler/preschooler into the stroller to move onto the next thing!

  11. What a fun day!! And what beautiful pictures! Especially the ocelot kitten!

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