Thursday, June 25, 2009

Country Girl or City Girl?

Despite growing up surrounded by chickens, horses, ducks, turkeys, and 5 acres of land, I am definitely more of a city girl than a country girl. I'm actually a suburbs girl, since I've always lived in the suburbs and within 30 miles from a large city. But I'd choose the culture and excitement of a city over the country any day! There are only 3 country girl-qualities that I possess:
1. I love country dancing
2. I love demolition derby's, they are awesome!
3. I'm a sucker for good old-fashioned county fairs with fireworks

So far, Kirsten is a country girl! She loves to run and play outside, isn't afraid of farm animals, and probably wishes she lived on a farm. She's having such a blast playing outside at grandma and grandpa's house!
These pictures are from Seattle, at the South 47 Farm in Redmond where we took Kirsten for Farm Animal day a couple weeks ago. It was really kind of a shabby little farm, in my opinion, and we didn't stay very long.
Can't ride a horse yet? No problem! Just hop on a saddle on a bale of hay! Ride 'em, cowgirl!
She thinks she's ready to start driving! That's a little scary, but she does look cute behind the wheel!

As you can see, she was ready to leave the little farm just as soon as I was.
Are you a city girl or a country girl?


  1. LOL! She's sooooooooo cute!!

  2. City! Love the pictures :) Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend :)

  3. love the picture of the saddle on the hay!

  4. Loooooooooooooove her outfit! She is so darling! I don't know what the heck I am. A country girl? No, I have loved living in the country just as much as I would love a spinal tap. A city girl? No, I freak out at the traffic and can't stand the crime, congestion, and claustrophobia. I don't know what I am. I think I'd like something in the middle. Like Logan! :)

  5. Your blog is super cute! I added yours to my list, I hope that's ok.

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