Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kirsten At Toon Town!

For everyone who is crazy enough to take a toddler with them to Disneyland (obviously this includes me!), you MUST go to Toon Town. I think it was Kirsten's favorite area in the whole park, and she had a blast running around and trying to explore everything. There are an abundance of cute cartoon cars to take pictures in too!

Here's our family aboard Donald Duck's ship!

Trapped behind bars!

When Kirsten was still a crawling baby, I used to imagine her walking along next to me, content to hold my hand and just look at everything around her. That imaginary scene is so far from the truth! She wrenches her hand away from us within half a second and then wants to choose her OWN direction to walk in. It usually results in her running haphazardly around in circles, never walking along with us nicely. Sigh. I hope this sounds familiar to other people too!
Here she is, the kamikaze walker. :)
In front of Minnie Mouse's house! How adorable is that?

Kirsten loved playing inside Minnie's kitchen, especially with the light-up dishwasher! Unfortunately none of the characters were in their houses while we were there, because they were all at a parade. But at least it wasn't crowded!

Where can I find a mailbox like that for MY house?
Toon Town was a totally great place for Kirsten to get all her energy out before she got back in the stroller, and I love all the great photos we got there!


  1. You make me want to get in the car right now and head to Disneyland! Love the pictures

  2. Your daughter looks so perfectly cute in Toon Town! I bet she LOVED Disneyland! :)

  3. Those are such cute cute pictures! It makes me so excited to have a little girl of my own! I love the pink Minnie Mouse she's wearing - so adorable!

  4. Oh wow! I forgot that we missed Toon Town when we were there and now I'm bummed! Your pictures are so bright and colorful, I love them! I and I loved the 10 things about Disneyland! I can't wait to take my kids back there. We told Savanna that we'll go back after she gets 3 years from now. Can I really wait that long?

  5. Amazing pictures..I love the one of her walking with her mouse ears seems so magical (she could be the cover of Disney's next brochure!) I think we went the week after you guys did.

  6. Love your photos! We're going to DL next spring for my DD's 4th birthday and just looking at your photos and reading your descriptions makes me SO excited! :) Kirsten is just darling in her little mouse ears. :)

  7. Such a fun time!
    My son would never hold hands. He would always cry that he wanted to walk. Apparently if you are holding hands while you are walking that means you are not walking. :-)


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