Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sea World!

So judging by the lack of comments, everyone has seen enough Disneyland pictures. Well, I'm done posting them anyway. :) But we still did even MORE fun stuff on our California trip, and one of those things was our day at Sea World, San Diego! (Can you believe we've been home a whole month and I'm still blogging about our trip? Too many pictures, too little time!)

We did lots of fun things at Sea World. . . We saw cute penguins. . .

We saw sleeping polar bears. . .

And one very awake polar bear named Stephen!

Of course the best thing about Sea World is the shows! The dolphins were so adorable in the dolphin show.

We found a big sandbox in the kid's play area, and Kirsten loved playing in the sand. It was one of the only areas not crowded with a ton of kids.

We also got completely soaked on the Shipwreck Rapids ride! Well, me and Stacy and Oscar did. Stephen opted out of the ride and instead decided to shoot us with the water guns they provide from the dry area. By the end of the ride I felt like I had gone swimming WITH the dolphins, I was that wet!

We saw a really cute pet show! I don't know what it has to do with the ocean (nothing!), but they had a bunch of dogs and even cats doing awesome tricks. It was really entertaining!

The sea lion show was really cheesy and funny, like always.

We ended the day with the BEST show, of course the Shamu show! Kirsten liked watching it with Grandma.

The killer whales are so breathtaking. When I was little and even when I was a teenager I had a dream of becoming a killer whale trainer at Sea World. I still am envious of those trainers and think it must be one of the most amazing jobs in the world!


  1. Awhhh those are great! I can't wait to go back and play with the dolphins! Some day! :) XOXO

  2. IT has been forever since I have been to Sea world. I need to take Rachel sometime!

  3. That looks so fun! I haven't been to Sea World in years.....I should go!

  4. I LOVE SEA WORLD! I'm totally getting season passes next year! Thanks for reminding me how much fun it is!

  5. These are REALLY great picures!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  6. What AWESOME pictures! Looks like so much fun :)

  7. wow! i would love to see a Dolphin show like that!!!!!

  8. I sure remember lots of trips to Sea World when you were little and we both had our passes.

  9. OK, so, the picture of the dogs--I'm in love!! That's a Collie AND a Sheltie--and I've owned both. They are the BEST.


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