Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Beach Baby!

On every blog I've been looking at, I'm seeing so many adorable pictures of pumpkins, Halloween costumes, and fall leaves! Every blog except mine. On my blog it's still summer, because I'm STILL not done with all my vacation pictures. I think almost everyone loves fall, and it's my very favorite season! But if anyone is missing summer and the salty ocean breezes, then these pictures are for you!

We went to a couple of different beaches when we were in San Diego. . . La Jolla Shores and Oceanside. They were gorgeous! I had the best time at La Jolla, because the waves were perfect for boogie-boarding and the water temperature felt amazing too. (Sorry, I don't have any shots of me on a boogie board. You'll just have to imagine it!)

Kirsten didn't love the beach immediately, as you can see here. . .
The wind was blowing quite a bit and I don't think she liked that at all.

But after a bit of time, she warmed up to it and started exploring along the shoreline.

I'll always be a California beach bum at heart!

Kirsten did end up having a fun time playing at the beach!

I hope you all enjoy my last summer pictures of my beach baby!


  1. I want to keep living the summer dream. I would live where it was warm all year round in a heart beat.

    Very adorable pics...makes me want to go to the beach..ah, the smell of sunscreen.

  2. I'm still amazed on how much hair kirsten has! so cute.

  3. She's so adorable. Looks like she loved the beach. I wish we could have made it to the beach with you.

  4. I love her swimming suit! And I do not think that anyone can get tired of beach pictures! We miss you summer!

  5. Hey Ashely ♥
    Those are such cute pictures.... i am glad she warmed up to the Beach scene! :P

    I love that picture of you & her walking away from the camera! that is adorable!!!!

  6. Awhhhh you is just sooooo cute!!

  7. I love the ones taken from a distance. They're beautiful!


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