Monday, October 6, 2008

Down On Grandpa's Farm!

At looooooong last, I finally got some pictures on here! There are tons more, but I won't attempt them until those annoying issues are worked out. Anyway, here are the first of the vacation pictures! Otherwise known as "The daily life of Kirsten on Grandpa's Farm!"

My parents don't really live on an actual working farm. But to many people it seems like a farm, because their house is on five acres of land. They have a vegetable garden, a whole bunch of fruit trees, a big chicken coop with chickens and turkeys, one dog, five cats, and a tractor. As my friends used to say, I lived "out in the boonies." Doesn't it sound funny to say we visited my parents' farm in San Diego? But it's true, all of that is located only a 45 minute drive north of downtown San Diego!

As you can imagine, Kirsten had the time of her life playing and exploring outside! She woke up with the sun (and I do mean with the sun! At home she normally sleeps until 8:00 or so, but her room in San Diego was a ton brighter and warmer so she got up closer to 6!) and was always ready to play! Thankfully, my mom let me sleep longer and she took Kirsten outside to play with all the animals. Kirsten LOVED the chickens especially! Chickens are the first animal that Kirsten has made the animal noise for! Lots of times a day she would stand by the back door and say "Bop-bop-bop" so we always knew she wanted to go outside and see the chickens. :)

Kirsten and Grandpa had a great time feeding the chickens together. She always laughed whenever she saw them. I guess to her chickens must look like the funniest things ever!

I'm glad my parents loved taking her to see the chickens outside, because I have a weird confession to make now. . . I'm sort of afraid of chickens. Not like AFRAID afraid, like I am with spiders or horror movies. But I just prefer to see chickens from a distance, rather than have them pecking around my feet. I'd rather just eat chickens than be around them. Crazy, I know! So Kirsten seemed pretty brave to me!

Another of Kirsten's favorite things to do outside was go up and down the stairs by our patio. She never seems to tire of climbing things, and stairs are her favorite!

She loved my parents' dog, Millie. I was happy to see that she wasn't afraid of her! In fact, I think the only new word she learned how to say on that trip was "Millie." Except it sounded more like "Mell."

One of the cats got in that shot too! It's a pretty good farm, isn't it?

Kirsten misses Millie, now that we're home.

My mom put this scarecrow hat on her, and Kirsten actually enjoyed wearing it. So she fit right in on the farm!

Kirsten misses all the animals and having a huge, fun backyard to go play in. I miss that too! But most of all, I miss being able to sleep in while Kirsten played with Grandma. Sleeping in is pure bliss!


  1. Aaawww She is SO CUTE! ♥


    I love those FARM PHOTOS.

    ANd She is very brave to get all up close & personal with those chickens! I am Cautious when i am around the chickens at my parents' house.....

    especially the Roosters!

    Looks like so much Good Ol' Country Fun!

  2. Wow! What darling pictures! I don't remember the huge chicken pen - your parents must have made some changes in the last, uh, 10 years. ;)

    Sleeping in is definitely the BEST - especially if your kid wants to get up before 8. (Sigh) I love Saturdays where John lets me sleep in!

  3. How fun!! Look at that beautiful California countryside... Sigh... Glad you guys had such a nice time!

  4. Looks like so-ooo much fun! Love the pictures too!

  5. these are great~ i'd love to see video of a toddler in a chicken coop!

  6. That is so fun! It must had been so much fun to grow up on a farm! COOL!

  7. How fun! See that made me want to go to your parents farm again! Kirsten is getting so big..I can't wait till Thanksgiving to see her!

  8. Aahhh....sleeping in......yes, I would miss that, too!

    What a great grandparents house!! Looks like she had a blast.....and no fear! That's a good, and a bad thing!

  9. If my kids had to choose between Disneyland and staying at Aunt Kassy and Uncle Daze house, I think your parents would win. I'm glad they get to go play there and I don't have to do all the yard work to go with it!! My parent's just got back and brought some eggs from the baby chicks that just started laying. They are so small and the girls were so excited over eggs! Emily may even eat one!

  10. Wow, fun!!! Building memories!!! Love it... and love her hat!!!

  11. Cute! That seems like such a fun place for kids - especially when it's your grandparents place!!! Glad that Kirsten had a good time there and I'm very glad that you got to sleep in!!!

  12. Ash, your farm pictures are so darling. And congrats on the pregnancy! I'm really, really happy for you.

  13. Love the farm pictures!! Really great portraits :) I'm a little nervous around pecking chickens too! I have a cousin in San Diego named Kirsten:)

  14. What fun for Kirsten!
    I want chickens. My mom thinks I am crazy but I want 'em.

  15. I always wanted to grow up on a farm. I so enjoy reading your Animal Adventures in your life. I hope to be able to provide such an environment for my kids as you do for yours. You're a WONDERFUL Mom! Your kids will be SO FULL of LOVE!


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