Monday, October 20, 2008

Too Many Awesome Things About Disneyland!

Awesome thing #1: The huge balloons! I know this was one of Kirsten's favorite things. She really did enjoy being in her stroller, looking at all the people and lights and fun thins to see. We bought her this massive Minnie Mouse balloon and she LOVED it! It's the biggest balloon ever! Awesome thing #2: The mouse ears! She actually liked wearing them too! She pulled them off every once in awhile of course, but then she wanted us to put them back on her. Cute!
Awesome thing #3: Parades! We didn't see the entire Pixar Play parade, but it really was fun and Kirsten enjoyed her view from the shoulders of her 6'5" grandpa. :)
Awesome thing #4: The feeling you immediately get when you walk into Disneyland. You just have to be right inside the front entrance to feel that giddy, happy feeling! I love it!
Awesome thing #5: The fun Beach Boys music they play inside California Adventure. And of course the Golden Gate bridge reproduction!
Awesome thing #6: All the letters of California are outside the entrance to California Adventure, and I can sit inside the A.
Awesome thing #7: Seeing the BEST fireworks show ever created from right outside the Sleeping Beauty Castle.
Awesome thing #8: Being there with my family and friends!
Awesome thing #9: Disneyland looks SO magical lit up at night! Look at poor little tired Kirsten in her stroller. She just wanted to go to bed by that point!
There are too many more awesome things to name! I hope you all enjoy the pictures!


  1. I'm so sad there's no M in the word California. You're very lucky.

  2. Super cute! I love all those things too!!! The pixar parade is one of Ryan's favorites too - he also enjoys the balloons :)

  3. Fireworks behind the sleeping beauty castle......two of my favorite things EVER.

  4. Awwwwwh! Those are great! I wanna go so bad now!

  5. So fun! My baby would love that balloon too. She loves balloons.
    My son would be in heaven at Disneyland. He loves all things Disney.

  6. I LOVE the pic of Kirsten under "Awesome thing #2". She has the prettiest blue eyes!
    And thank you for the advice on what to bring to the hospital. I hadn't thought of your suggestions but now I have already packed both! (chapstick and music).
    PS How are you feeling these days? We need a pregnancy update!


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