Monday, June 2, 2008

Playing In the Pacific Science Center

While we were at the Pacific Science Center with my Dad, we spent quite a bit of time in the little children's play area. Most of it was a little old for Kirsten, but she loved playing and splashing with the water toys!
In the costume section, we found one that fit her. Despite my horrible fear of spiders, I thought she looked pretty cute!
Kirsten and Grandpa had an awesome time playing together on the slide and enjoying the musical instruments.

This was a pretty awesome treehouse! In about a year or less, I think she'll absolutely love going to the museum to play in all these fun things.


    You little girl has been to more places and experienced more fun than I have in my WHOLE LIFE and I WILL BE 30 NEXT MONTH!!! :)

    You are an AWESOME MOMMA!

  2. that looks like a really fun city to live in. I have never been to Seattle. Kirsten also is on of my favorite girls names. She has a really cute little face!

  3. What a fun place to go! That looks really awesome, Kirsten is getting so big!


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