Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Trip. . . To 'Twilight' Land!

To all you fans out there of the 'Twilight' books (and I know there are lots of you!), you're going to love this! A couple of weeks ago, we took a road trip to the Olympic Peninsula and explored the land of werewolves and vampires. It was amazing! My cousin Jessica and awesome friend Carrie were BOTH visiting, so they both got to come with us! I was so glad!We did lots of short hikes through dense forests, and drove mostly around the western side of the Peninsula, where First Beach, La Push, and the Hoh Rainforest are all located.

Amazingly, it didn't rain much on our trip! I thought it would be raining on us the entire time. The skies were always cloudy and it was pretty cold, but not much rain! We lucked out!

Lesson #1: Do NOT forget your tennis shoes when you're going to be hiking on muddy trails! In my defense, I DID remember to put my tennis shoes in the car before we packed the car up. I did this so I wouldn't forget them in the rush of getting everything in the car. Unfortunately, Stephen didn't know this and in the process of cleaning out the car for the trip he cleaned my tennis shoes out of it! We didn't figure all this out until we had already been gone for a few hours. So I had no choice but to hike in my flip flops the entire time!

Can't you just see vampires and werewolves lurking in that forest? This was the spookiest picture I took!

I'll be posting LOTS more pictures from this trip very soon, so keep checking back!


  1. That is awesome! Did you see a vampire glowing? It could be Edward!!

  2. That is so beautiful! My daughter and I just finished reading the series a few months ago, and I'm reading another book situated on an island off the coast of Washington. What a gorgeous place it is!

  3. WOW! That is AWESOME!!!! My goodness....what amazing Pictures Ashley!!!

  4. oops....that was me--I had signed in wrong:) ha ha! Oh well..there is my email address if you want to email me! :P


  5. Thanks, I'm so glad everyone loved the pictures! If you think those are gorgeous though, just wait for the ones coming... they blow those out of the water!

  6. I started re-reading Twilight yesterday and read the meadow scene! swoon These pictures are exactly how I picture their walk through the woods!! SO cool.


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