Friday, June 13, 2008

13 Months Old, The Flu, and Other Stuff. . .

Kirsten is 13 months old today! Here's some of the new stuff from the last month in the life of Kirsten:
-She's finally getting more teeth! Two top ones are coming in, and one more on the bottom. She doesn't seem to be chewing food any better, so far, but I'm hoping that will come soon.
-She's not as scared of strangers anymore! She wasn't scared at all of my cousin Jessica or my friend Carrie who she met for the first time last week. Yay! -She went on her first road trip! Two of them, actually. I have a bunch of pictures and posts to do about those trips, but I'm way behind and still working on editing the pictures. She had already been on an airplane six times, but hadn't been on a road trip until this month.

-She got her new, big girl car seat and can now face forwards when she rides in the car! She likes it so much better. That seat is SO soft and plush too. It almost makes me jealous! Why can't adult seats be that comfy?

-She got the flu for the first time, just this week. And let me tell you, it was a nasty virus! I caught it too, just a day after she did, and both of us were pretty miserable for awhile and are just now feeling better. I hope to see no more flu for a very, VERY long time.

-She doesn't have many new accomplishments from this month, and she's still not walking by herself. But she's getting really good at "talking" and lots of things she says sound like real words. It's cute to hear her try to talk and I always wonder what she's trying to say.

Expect lots more posts to come soon about our trips!
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  1. Well - gosh if you're going to beg...I guess I'll leave you a comment :) Can't believe how big Kirsten is getting. Caleb has 4 teeth and is finally crawling without dragging himself! Just started a blog today - check out arizonaalgers@blogspot.

  2. Your daughter is so adorable!!!

  3. She is getting so big and that car seat definitely is extremely posh!

  4. Poor thing getting the flu..and then YOU, too! GOSH! that is awful!

    She is super cute, though! and from the following pictures & posts it looks like you both survived the flu.

    Cute pictures!!! as always!!! :)


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