Thursday, June 26, 2008

The BEST Summer Weather!

Okay, so this is only my second summer in Seattle and I'm already figuring out that Seattle summers are what I ALWAYS thought summers should be like. They are PERFECT here! Most of our days this month have been sunny, clear, and with temperatures in the high 60's and low 70's. It's the best weather to go outside in!I realize that some people love really hot weather, but I am SO not one of those people. The only way I like hot weather is if I can be swimming or at the beach. Other than that, I can't stand it. It zaps all the energy right out of me! When we lived in Utah for a couple of summers, I spent most of my time indoors or in the car, hiding in the AC. When it's too hot, the last thing I want to do is go outside! With temperatures in the 60's and 70's, I feel the lure of the outdoors constantly and love spending time at the park.

Here's Kirsten, staying cool in the shade with some shades! Those sunglasses only stayed on her for about two seconds, and then she took them right off. Whenever I wear sunglasses, she loves to pull them off me and then put them back on me again. I think she thinks I'm playing hide and seek with her, and she loves that.

The hottest weather I've ever been in was in Thailand and Cambodia. The temperatures and humidity combined were SO high that we usually had to take a break at the hotel in the middle of the day to swim and cool off. I normally never sweat at all, but in those countries in June I was literally dripping all the time. They were amazing countries, but I couldn't stand living in that heat and humidity!

I love these pictures of Kirsten and Stephen with the flowers.

So, I hope I'm not bragging too much, but I just had to share how much I am LOVING the Pacific Northwest summers! The days are really long too. The sun rises really early and last night I was driving home at 9 pm and the sun was just starting to set. The sky was lit up with tons of gorgeous colors, and I didn't even need my headlights on yet.

I always knew summers should be like this!


  1. I AM JEALOUS ASHLEY!!!! I am really ready to come visit you!!!! :)

    And I absolutely LOVE those pictures of your baby girl & your Husband looking at the flowers!!! Very Sweeeet!!!!

    I actually love ALL of the pictures, though! They are great!!

    ♥What a Beautiful Family You Have♥

  2. That is one thing that I miss terribly about Oregon is the wonderful summers. Especially with how hot it has been down here, it makes me miss it more.

  3. Wow...that's one crazy long day! I can't believe the sun didn't set until 9pm there! That must be awesome! The weather sounds heavenly as well. I must say though...I'm still lovin' it down here, regardless of the heat waves.

  4. If it were in the 60's and 70's my kids would have to wear a sweater - they'd freeze. That's what happens when 105 as the high is described as a cooling trend! What until Kirsten is 4 and you're trying to get her to go to bed..."But Mommy, it's still light outside." Great photos!

  5. Merrianne: Yes, you should really come visit! Summers are the best time! Thank you for all your sweet words, and I'm glad you love my pictures!

    Tiffany: Oregon summers are great too, so mild and cool. Did you live there your whole life?

    Brooke: Yeah, the days are so long it's insane lately! Don't get me wrong, I miss San Diego too and you are definitely lucky to be able to still live there. I'll always be a California girl!

    Leilani: Your kids definitely would freeze if it were that cool there, they wouldn't know what to do! And I do realize it'll be tough to put Kirsten to bed early when it's still so light outside. At least she can't complain yet!

  6. Oh my gosh your baby is adorable!! The photo with the sunglasses is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I appreciate it! Enjoy your Seattle summer. :-)

  7. Thanks for visiting.

    I am guessing that your probably couldn't handle the Arizona heat if you didn't like Utah heat. We were actually wanting to go visit our daughter in Arizona but maybe we better rethink and head north. Sounds like wonderful weather.

    I LOVE you pictures. Your daughter is a jewel too. Keep it up mommy!

  8. Hi! Glad you are so happy there. My sis lives in Kent. They love it too. Take Care xo

  9. Those are darling pics of Kirsten and Stephen, how sweet!! I would love mild summers. I dehydrated Savanna on accident yesterday on a walk and even with bottles of water and running through sprinklers, it still happened. She got a horrible headache and went to be at 6:30pm! 90 degree weather is SO hard on kids.

  10. Kimberly Ann: Thank you! Enjoy your summer too!

    Jody: Thanks, I'm glad you love my pictures! You are right about Arizona heat... it would be even worse than Utah! I'd have a very hard time living there.

    Susan: Thank you so much! I'm glad to know that some of Stephen's family look at my blog too.

    Rachel: Awww, poor Savanna! Hot weather must be really hard on kids. I do love the mild summer!!

  11. You don't know me, but since you left a comment on my blog today, I figured it was okay to post one on yours! I had to comment because I was born and raised in Bellevue and I LOVE Seattle summers. Everyone thinks it rains there 365 days a year and I always tell people they should go there in the summer because it's one of the beautiful places on earth! I moved to Idaho after getting married and it is WAY too hot here for this Seattle girl!

    Anyway, cute blog, and cute kids! I'm glad you liked mine too :)

  12. cute pictures!!!


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