Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun With the Bugs

When we went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle with my dad, we discovered a whole fun section of the museum devoted to bugs and mostly butterflies. The Tropical Butterfly House was really neat. It was really hot and humid in there to keep the butterflies happy, and it was so muggy that the lens of the camera kept fogging up when I tried to take pictures. Butterflies fluttered all around in there and there were tons of different kinds.

One even landed on me! Another butterfly landed on Kirsten, but only for a second because she moved and it flew away. I couldn't get a picture of that one.
Kirsten was fascinated by the butterflies for awhile, but then the heat and humidity started to bother her so we had to leave.

It was a pretty cool part of the museum, and reminded me of something you'd see at a Zoo!


  1. I LOVE seeing pictures of your dad with your daughter. SO cute! He must LOVE being a grandpa!

  2. Gorgeous pics! It reminds me of the butterfly exhibit at the Hogle Zoo but that larvae you're riding...nothing beats that! :)

  3. Looks like an AWESOME trip!!!

    Very very cute pictures!!!


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