Friday, May 16, 2008

Opening Presents!

On Kirsten's birthday, we had a small party and she got to open all her presents! She didn't do very much ripping of the paper though, and we mostly had to do it for her.
I love the birthday crown I bought for her at Gymboree. It says 'Birthday Girl' on it. I wasn't sure if it would fit on her head for long, but it did!Check out that pile of presents. Kirsten scored!
She got this fun Little People building blocks set, and was excited about it.
Of course I had to buy a little red car for my little girl. Isn't that the cutest walker ever? She can also ride on it when she's older. I love it!

She was a happy birthday girl!

She couldn't wait to get these new tub toys out of the box.

She also got a rocking giraffe! It's the perfect size for her, so small and cute.

It was really fun to help her open all these presents, and she had a great time even though she has no idea what a birthday is yet.


  1. Ah yes! That rocking thingy is AWESOME! I've seen lots of babies that have it and they love it. But I'm totally missing the cake pictures! Post some, post some!

  2. She is Such a Cutie! I love that Princess Tiara! :)

  3. The cake looks good. :) I have a little present I got Kirsten in Baltimore, but I still need to send it!


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