Thursday, May 1, 2008


I was seriously amazed that Stephen was able to get this picture, since I've never seen her stand by herself long enough to actually take a picture. She'll stand for a second or two, but then sits right back down when she realizes she's not holding onto anything. This is a pretty cool picture of her caught in a moment of standing without realizing it! Here she is cruising along the furniture, which is something she loves to do. I wonder when she'll actually take steps without holding on? I would guess it'll still be awhile.
She stands up and holds onto almost anything, like this box of diapers. She's so much fun and it really is awesome to watch her learn new things!


  1. Oh, any day now then if she's already standing alone! I would bet within a month for sure.

  2. I remember those days! Enjoy them, the time will go oh so quickly. Before you know it she will be OUT on her own!


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