Friday, May 16, 2008

Kirsten Is One Year Old!

On May 13'th, the Kirsten bug turned 1! I can't believe it's already been a year. Here are some of her exciting accomplishments from the past month:
-She can stand by herself without holding onto anything, usually only for a few seconds before she sits right back down. But it's an improvement!
-Playing peek-a-boo! She used to just find me, but now she hides herself behind her blanket and loves being able to join in the game.
-Imitating sounds we make. She's getting better at it and tries to say words!
-Climbing up onto whatever she can, like the dishwasher. At one year old, Kirsten loves:
-Her blankie. She buries her face in it in the middle of playing, goes back to it a lot, and always sleeps with it.
-Swinging in baby swings at the park.
-Being tickled, tossed into the air, and playing with Daddy and Chance.
-Hide and seek and peek-a-boo.
-Taking baths in the big tub, with all the tub toys.
-Crawling and exploring everywhere!
At one year, Kirsten hates:
-Being confined. She doesn't like the stroller for very long anymore, and will twist and push to get out of our arms and get down on the floor to crawl.
-Touching grass or sand. She's just not used to it, and it scares her. I'll have to get her outside more often now that the weather's getting nicer!
-Being held by strangers.
She's getting so big, but Kirsten still:
-Loves her bottle more than sippy cups
-Is much more interested in crawling than walking
-Only has two teeth on the bottom, and none on top
-Won't eat most adult foods without gagging on them
-Loves her binky, and uses it to go to sleep, for car rides, and whenever else she wants it
-Won't clap!

Isn't this a great picture of Kirsten chowing down on a salad on her birthday? She wasn't really eating the salad, just sucking on the cucumber and sitting in Grandma's lap. We went to a birthday lunch for her at Applebee's and had a fun time!

We were so happy that Grandma got to fly in from San Diego to help celebrate her birthday!
She was fascinated by the balloon she got at the restaurant.

Our good friends Miranda and baby Saide came to lunch too, and it was fun!

I have lots more birthday pictures, but that's enough for this post. It's amazing that Kirsten is one year old now, and I'm excited for what the next year will bring!


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