Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Tangerine Diasaster

I'm having a lot of trouble getting Kirsten to eat table foods without choking on them. She eats baby food purees great, and she's also been fine with bread pieces, crackers, and those little Gerber puffs and sticks. But food off our plates almost always makes her throw up. Today, for example, she really wanted to taste the tangerine I was eating, so I gave her a piece. She sucked on it for awhile, then slowly ate it. A couple minutes later, she threw it up along with the baby food she had just eaten. It was so gross! I had to get her in the tub and put her clothes and mine in the laundry immediately.She looks happy in that picture, but it was quite the disgusting experience. I like to keep trying new foods with her, but I hate it when she spits it all up. I read things that say "By one year of age, babies should be eating pieces of everything off your plate." She's nowhere near that point yet! If any of you have advice, I'd appreciate it.
Kirsten does love baths, and she now takes baths in the big tub. She sucks on all her tub toys and splashes her feet around.

I'm glad she eats baby food really well, but I'm tired of her spitting up adult food whenever I try it. When will it stop?



    by the way...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

  2. Haha, her nose looks orange in those pictures, did the barf stain her nose on the way out?! She so cute, even when she's barfy! I can't believe she has such a sensitive gag reflex, wow. I have no idea what to tell you because my babies are completely the opposite and stuff whole cookies into their mouths and swallow whole!

  3. Don't stress about her not eating chunks of food well yet. If she can have bread and crackers don't worry. She'll get there. Try giving her things like rice and steamed veggies in tiny pieces and I mean tiny, like pencil eraser size. If she still has a problem, maybe explore food allergies? Sean is 13 months and I can just now give pieces of orange and pieces of food that are larger. Anyway. I hope this helps you. She is adorable!


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