Monday, April 28, 2008

American Idol Fans

In this house, we love American Idol! Kirsten is no exception. We usually watch it after she goes to bed, but sometimes I keep them on the DVR and re-play them during the day to see the best performances again. Kirsten loves to watch the singers and she also loves the theme music. She stays glued to the TV for a good portion of the show. Stephen says I'm obsessed, because I even make CD's of my favorite songs the Idols sing. I've done this every year since I started watching it, which was Season 4. Most of the CD's I made from past seasons included a mix of both guys and girls, but this year it's all about the guys. I've made two CD's so far and each one only has a couple of songs sung by girls. What can I say? I just love the guys this year and I think they outshine the girls by far.
I just can't decide which David I like best. . . David Cook or David Archuleta? I love them both and am constantly changing my mind about which one most deserves to win. I think my general consensus is that David Cook really should win, but David Archuleta will win. But really, as long as they're the final two I'll be happy. They just better be the final two! I also adore Jason Castro, and I was bummed to see Michael Johns voted off. Now I have high hopes for an all-male final three!
My most recent song obsessions are the full studio versions of David Archuleta's 'Think of Me' and David Cook's 'Music of the Night' from last week. Both songs are so beautiful, and I replay them in the car all the time. I'll be sad for this season to end!


  1. That is so cute that Kirsten is so interested in music and American Idol! She is so funny. I haven't gotten into this season at all but think it's cool that David Archeletta and that blonde chick are LDS. He's doing really good too, way cool.

  2. I think that David Cook is better. The other David looks like a baby still! I also think that Cook looks cuter! Shh... don't tell Hyrum! ;)

  3. Ashley! Hi this is Jessica Browning! Your daughter is too cute for words! I love watching American Idol too! David A. is so cute you just want to keep him in your pocket. He has an amazing voice too!


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