Wednesday, April 16, 2008

11 Months Old!

I can't believe Kirsten is only one month away now from her first birthday. How crazy is that?! We've done lots of fun things this month, and it's so fun to see her personality develop more every day.
This month's new milestones:
-Cruising! She'll now walk and take steps as long as she's holding onto furniture. She can also reach a lot further now, and I'm always amazed at the things she can pull off shelves and tables.
-Her balance is much better, and she'll stand while holding onto something with only one hand.
-Her babbling consists of lots more different sounds now.
-Waving! That is such a fun one. The picture below shows her standing up by the dishwasher and waving at me. Her favorite things this month:
-Hide and seek! She doesn't really do the hiding part yet very much, but she squeals with excitement when I go hide behind something and she has to come find me. It's the best game in the world!
-Exploring. She always wants to get down on the floor, crawl around, and stick everything she can find into her mouth.
-Going places where she's not supposed to be. She crawls SO fast towards the fridge whenever we open it and tries to take condiment bottles out of the door shelves and suck on them. She does the same thing with the bathroom closet, and always goes straight for the lotion bottles.
-Being tossed up into the air, swung around, or anything thrilling like that. She's a little daredevil!
Things she still can't quite do:
-Clapping. I keep trying to teach her, and she loves it but won't do it herself.
-Standing on her own without holding onto something. That's still a little too scary I guess. Sometimes she'll stand for a few seconds, but it's really rare.
-Eat many table foods off our plates. I got her to eat a few green beans and some pear pieces, but most adult food still makes her gag.
-Walking by herself.
-Talking and actually knowing what she's saying.
The crazy fears of the month:
She doesn't get scared by the vacuum, trains, or bagpipes, but here are the things she's scared of the most right now-
-Plastic bags (still! The crinkly sound makes her cry, unless she's doing it herself)
-The blender/food processor
-The sound of someone blowing their nose
Our least favorite time of the last month:
-Kirsten got her first runny nose, and it was no fun. She absolutely hated it when I wiped her nose (which I had to do a bunch of times a day) and she would cry and turn her head away every time. She was fussy and clingy and didn't sleep well for almost a week. I was so relieved when she started feeling better!
Kirsten's tenth month has mostly been a fun one, minus the runny nose. She's such a happy and spirited baby and I love spending time with her!

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  1. I think that is so funny that plastic bags and blowing noses still scare her!! Savanna was a little like that too and you could get her scared of weird things pretty easy. Funny babies!


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