Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stephen Is 28!

Last week, on March 26'th, we celebrated Stephen's birthday! Since he turned 28, here are 28 things you might not know about Stephen:1. When he was born, he looked so pretty that the nurses put a pink bow on his head and thought he was a girl.
2. He's been a certified scuba diver ever since he was a little kid, and his Dad was a scuba dive instructor.
3. He served his mission in Puebla, Mexico.
4. He falls asleep faster than anybody I know... within 5 minutes or sooner, every single night. It baffles me.
5. He had braces at one point, but he hasn't worn a retainer for years now and his teeth haven't moved a single bit.
6. He's now addicted to Survivor, American Idol, and Amazing Race... all thanks to me! Oh, and he really loves The Office too.
7. He's a true University of Utah fan, despite all my best attempts.
8. His favorite ice cream flavors are chocolate peanut butter and Chubby Hubby.
9. If Stephen were an article of clothing, he would definitely be a hoodie. It's rare to see him without one on.
10. He makes awesome guacamole and yummy chicken enchiladas!
11. He majored in Information Systems at the University of Utah and got Microsoft Certified within a year after his graduation.
12. He loves video games, and used to play them with his friends all the time before he met me.
13. His first actual job was working at Taco Bell... same as me!
14. He loves cats and dogs both.
15. He proposed to me in Hawaii, in a romantic restaurant at the top of the Hilton in Waikiki.
16. His least favorite foods list includes coleslaw, potato salad, and Butterfingers.
17. He has a habit of cracking his knuckles a lot, although it's not as bad as it used to be.
18. Everyone likes him. He just has such a likable personality.
19. He loves the Harry Potter books and movies, and has read and watched them all multiple times.
20. One of his favorite foods is crab, and he loves to order really good crab from nice restaurants.
21. He's really good with all things tech, and he built my harp website for me.
22. Kirsten always lights up when he comes home from work and starts playing with her.
23. He doesn't have any skills with musical instruments, but he did play the baritone in junior high... same as my dad!
24. Two years ago he went fishing without a license and almost got caught by the park ranger.
25. His favorite types of movies are comedies.
26. He says he doesn't have a "most embarrasing moment" and it's pretty impossible to scare him and make him jump.
27. He used to wear contacts, and got laser eye surgery a couple of years ago.
28. He works for Microsoft as the XBox Live Administrator Lead. He's worked there only a year and a few months, and has already gotten several promotions and raises. Everyone appreciates all his hard work!


  1. Steve seems like a really cool guy. That is so nice of you to tell us more about him!

  2. Happy Birthday Stephen! Hope it was fun and congrats on your new promotions! :)

  3. I tagged you for a meme but don't feel like you have to respond unless you want to.


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