Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Beautiful Beach!

Last week, I took Kirsten to the beach in Edmonds. The air was still just a bit chilly, but the sun was out and the sky was blue and gorgeous. It took us only about ten minutes to drive to this beach on the Puget Sound. Check out the beautiful view!
Kirsten fussed when we first got there, and she didn't like all the bright sun in her eyes. But our friend Chance was with us, and he held her and showed her the waves. She cheered up when she started getting interested in the water.
While they looked at the water, I had some fun with the camera.

So for anyone who thinks it rains every day in Seattle and is cloudy all year, not so! We have plenty of days of pretty blue skies and nice temperatures. And if you're measuring inches of rainfall, Miami gets more than Seattle per year. I learned about that on the Travel Channel!
It'll be fun when Kirsten gets old enough to play in the sand and not try to eat it. For now, it's still fun to go and I'm looking forward to lots of beach trips this summer.


  1. Beautiful pics! Kirsten's piggies are the sweetest!

  2. Orlando rain was insane while we were there. Crazy heat and crazy rain for the entire week. I'd much rather have Seattle weather.


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