Sunday, April 20, 2008

From Sunny Spring. . . To Snowy Winter

We've had some truly crazy weather here in Washington in this past week. Most of these pictures are from April 12'th, two Saturdays ago. The temperature was an amazing 78 degrees that day. It really felt like summer! We listened to the Beach Boys in the car and took Kirsten to an oceanside pier to walk around. The piers up here are really not as fun as Oceanside and Santa Monica, the ones I grew up going to in southern California. You don't get much of a surfer, carefree beach vibe up here. But there were some beautiful spring flowers and lots of boats to look at.

I had a hard time believing it was only April and not July, because it felt like the perfect summer day. Tons of people were out walking their dogs or with their babies. It would have been an awesome day for boating.
Exactly one week later, here's what it looked like outside our house. . .
We got quite a few inches of snow here. In April! It's like we're still living in Utah or something. The flakes were so big and they fell hard and fast all afternoon and evening. They were beautiful! But it was such a huge change, to go from temperatures of 78 to 33 in one week. So are we having an early summer or a late winter? We don't know. . . it's pretty confusing!


  1. That is totally our weather too! Yesterday it was 70 degrees and beautiful and tonight, guess what? It's 18 degrees!! Yuck. Kirsten is getting chubbier, it's so cute!! I bet it finally puts your mind at ease, right?

  2. That is ridiculous how much it fluctuates! At least you took advantage of it while you could!


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