Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby In A Backpack

For our Olympic Peninsula trip, we bought a baby backpack so we could take Kirsten on hikes with us. She enjoyed riding in it at the store, but I had no idea if she would like it for a long period of time. Here she is, in her new red raincoat, going in the backpack for the first time.We bought the Chicco Smart Support backpack. It was really easy to get her into it and get it adjusted right, and it has a sun roof and also a plastic thing you can zip over the baby if it starts raining. Pretty cool!

She seriously LOVED riding in the backpack! It was amazing to me, because she used to hate both slings and front carriers as a smaller baby. She loved being on Daddy's back, and she held onto the hood of his sweatshirt most of the time and looked around at all the trees.
Kirsten actually had a difficult time during most of this trip. She was fussy in the car, not feeling very well in general, and usually only happy when she was crawling around or riding in the backpack. I wish we could have kept her in the backpack for the ENTIRE trip!
I love hiking in the forest! Especially in cool weather so it doesn't get too hot!

I definitely recommend a baby backpack to any parents who plan to visit National Parks or do any hiking at all. We all like this one!


  1. Awwww, AWESOME backpack! Very stylish too ;) She looks like she's having fun riding in it!

  2. I did not realize that there were so many hiking areas in Washington. That is awesome! I love all your pictures.

  3. My boys are both around 30 pounds - do you think they're too big for backpacks? We're thinking of doing some minimal hiking around here....

  4. I want a backpack SOOOO bad! We love hiking to the wind caves up here but it's impossible without a backpack. I love yours and the shade roof is awesome!

  5. How fun!! I would love backpacks for my boys, but it's a little harder to justify when we have to buy 2 and we're without an income at the moment (husband is in school). Sounds like you had a great trip!!

  6. I LOVE the look of your blog. Great pics with this post!

  7. Rebecca: Thanks! She did have a fun time!

    Tiffany: Oh, there are tons of hiking areas and mountains and trails in Washington. It would take more than a lifetime to explore them all, I'm sure!

    Alyssa: 30 pounds each might be pretty big for backpacks, but it could work. I guess it depends on how strong the person carrying them is though! Kirsten's 22 pounds, and my husband carried her fine.

    Rachel: Yeah, I can't imagine hiking with babies or toddlers without one! I hope you can get one sometime!

    Katie: Wow, buying two would be tougher, you're right. Our trip was pretty great!

    Kweenmama: Thank you!!

  8. Both of my kids ADORE their baby backpacks and I can't tell you how many hours they clocked in it. Such fun for you...and her!

  9. Thank Heavens for those Backpacks & husbands who have strong backs!! :) she is a cutie patootie!

  10. Both my kids do really well in the backpacks. My baby hated being in the baby carrier but once we moved her into the backpack she was fine. I need to buy one of my own. I always borrow my sister's when we go hiking.


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