Thursday, February 16, 2012


Finally posting about our fun-packed Halloween weekend!  And when I say packed, I mean it!  It was seriously FIVE full days of Halloween costumes, candy, parties, treats, and trick-or-treating.  I go nuts over holidays, but even I was ready for it to be over when it finally was!
Kirsten was SO excited about her bumblebee costume!  She's obsessed with anything yellow, and told me she wanted to be a bumblebee, so I was thrilled when I found this costume.  She was the cutest bumblebee ever!

Festivities started with Kirsten's preschool Halloween party.  All the kids in their costumes were adorable!

Daniel. . . one of Kirsten's favorites!  :)

The whole class, with Teacher Penny:

They had some fun carnival games!

Later that afternoon I took Natalie to a Halloween playdate.  Cute little witch!
She loved the Halloween pinata!

And made a thumbprint spider craft I found on Pinterest. 
Friday was the Microsoft Trick-or-Treating Party!  It was a little crazy, remembering that on that exact day one year ago was the day I went into labor, all dressed in my pumpkin costume and ready to go to the party.  :)  This year we actually made it there!  Here's the whole family in our costumes!  Yes, Stephen was boring (again) and didn't wear one.  Brooke was a cute little leopard!

Some good friends came trick-or-treating with us!  We all had a great time and were amazed by how elaborate the building was decked out!

One whole floor was Harry Potter-themed!  We got to sit in the chair and put the Sorting Hat on.  :)
The Hogwarts Express!

There was also a Star Wars floor (Kirsten was a little scared) , a Tim Burton-themed floor, and a Peter Pan floor that the kids liked the best.

On Saturday night we took the kids trunk-or-treating at the church, and then went to a party at our friend's house.  Costumes and more costumes!

We didn't have to wear costumes at all on Sunday, but we made our traditional Halloween dinner of Witches Brew with cornbread!  We also had homemade root beer and watched Disney Halloween and the cartoon version of Ichabod Crane.  I love our Halloween traditions!
On Monday (the actual day of Halloween), the kids got to wear their costumes to dance class.  It was SO adorable!

Brooke stood up by the mirror and had a great time laughing at herself!

We spent the afternoon trick-or-treating at Country Village!  It was a little chilly, but no rain!  The kids got to go trick-or-treat between all the cute shops in the village, and they had so much fun!

Eventually I carried Natalie's hat for her.  It was hard for her to keep it on.  But way too cute!  I adored both of the girls' costumes this year!

The Bothell Firemen were even there handing out candy!

We finally finished off our Halloween weekend with more Halloween dinner and trick-or-treating with friends throughout our little neighborhood.  Wow!  Such a fun and jam-packed Halloween!!!  Our best one yet!!!


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