Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fall Fun!!!

Here it is at last. . . our entire month of October!  One of my absolute favorite months of the year, full of pumpkin patches, harvest festivals, spicy scents in the air, gorgeous leaves of all colors, and that crisp, cool air that means FALL is here in full force.  I adore it! 

 Our month flew by SO fast, and we had a whole ton of fun!  I'll be doing separate posts about Brooke's first birthday and Halloween weekend, but here is the rest of our amazingly beautiful October. . .

*The kids loved the Harvest Festival at Country Village!

*They practiced their trick-or-treating at a Halloween playdate!

*The whole family and some good friends spent a Saturday at the Harvest Fair at Fox Hollow Farm!

*They had mini John Deere tractors for the kids to drive!

*And lots of adorable farm animals!

*Natalie absolutely LOVED the kittens in the barn!  "Key-ah's", as she calls them.  :)  I love how much she loves cats!

It was more of a farm and not really a pumpkin patch, but it surely was gorgeous there!

*I took all three kids to Kirsten's preschool field trip at Carleton Farm.  It was a drippy, wet, and MUDDY day.  We still somehow managed to have a good time!

Kirsten, Brooke, a friend, and Teacher Penny!

*Kirsten picked her pumpkin!  She took it a few days later with Daddy to her Pumpkin Decorating night at preschool. 

*Me, three little girls, and a rainy, muddy field.  Am I brave, or just crazy?

*Natalie loved the pumpkin cannon!

*One of the coolest things about this pumpkin patch was the indoor play area that included a slide that ended in a huge pit of corn kernels!  Perfect for a rainy day!

*Brooke loved playingin the corn!  It was great. . . until she started eating them.

*Buried in corn!

*Because I wanted to prove just how brave/crazy I am. . . I took the kids to another pumpkin patch,  Craven Farm, with the mom's group on a whole different rainy, muddy day.  {Sigh}.
Natalie and Karsen had a ball playing in the mud puddles.   

*Kirsten: "Oh, the pumpkins are getting married!"

*And they loved running through the corn fields!

*The sun peeked through the clouds!  For about five minutes.  :)

An amazing October indeed!  And we're not done yet. . . we've still got a birthday party and a Halloween weekend coming!


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