Monday, February 13, 2012

Fabulous Finds. . . Picture Perfect Cakes!

If you live in the Seattle area,check out the absolute COOLEST cakes I've ever found from Picture Perfect Cakes!

I knew I wanted an owl cake for Brooke's first birthday and knew there was no way on earth I could make one myself that would resemble anything like an owl.  I found an inspiration picture online, gave it to Allison at Picture Perfect Cakes, and she used her imagination and came up with the rest!  I absolutely loved it, and so did all of our party guests!  

Everyone was amazed that everything on the cake was edible. The fondant icing on the sides of the tree branch was molded and painted to look like real bark!

Isn't it completely adorable???  Just look at that edible owl face!

I thought it was just going to be an owl, but Allison came up with the idea of doing the owl sitting on the tree branch, and then we could take the owl off and let Brooke dig into it and eat it for her first birthday. So the owl was a whole separate cake, that came off the top of the tree branch cake for the guests.  Genius!

Allison has been making cakes for three years.  She started taking some local classes and then taught herself the rest, using her creativity, passion for art, and eye for detail.  She has tons of different flavor and filling options to choose from!

I'm also amazed by her prices!  She will customize your price based on the size of the cake you want and how much detail is involved, but her prices are very reasonable for such an incredible cake.  For a birthday or other special occasion, it's so much fun to have a memorable cake!  She will make a cake for any theme, the sky's the limit!

Brooke sure did enjoy trying to eat her owl.  :)

Check out a gallery of lots of her other cakes at Picture Perfect Cakes, and like her Facebook page too! 


  1. That was such a cute pick for a birthday cake! Good job mama!!

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