Monday, February 13, 2012

Adorable Etsy Shop Alert. . . ZoeLynn & Co Review and Giveaway!

If you have as many little girls as I do (or even one little girl, right?), you know how important it is to have ultra-cute accessories to go with every outfit.  We have a whole wall full of hair accessories and I still keep needing more!  Some of the most high-quality ones I have found are these versatile mix-and-match headbands from ZoeLynn & Co!

In fact, I love the Knitty Girl Black headband that I received so much that my little girls don't usually wear it. . . I wear it myself!  Each headband is hand-wrapped in fabric with a meticulous attention to detail.  The headband fits everyone from 12 months old to adult!  So you can share it with your baby or little girl!

The flower clip that attaches to it can also be worn alone.  These headbands are designed so you can wear the headband alone, or the headband with the flower clip attached, or the flower clip alone.  It's so versatile!  The black one that I got matches pretty much everything, and I can switch out flower clips to add pops of color if I want, or add my own clips that I already have to it as well.  You can also clip the flower to your purse, shirt, wherever!  I love it!

ZoeLynn & Co makes solid and satin grosgrain ribbon flowers in every color imaginable!  She loves custom orders, and is happy to create special accessories to match dresses and outfits.  There are so many beautiful options!

ZoeLynn & Co is offering a dazzling giveaway to my readers. . . a sparkle headband in your color of choice!  These are wrapped in metallic ribbon and do not contain glitter so you won't have to worry about glitter all over your hair or house.  :)  AND. . . 

A sparkle flower clip to go with it!  Also in your color of choice!  These flowers are just adorable!  The flower is made of felt with a sparkle center, and encircled by sparkle tulle.  It can be worn with the sparkle headband or by itself!

These sparkle headbands are some of her best-sellers at boutiques in New York City!  It's exciting that she's offering one as a giveaway to one of my readers!

It's really easy to enter using my Rafflecopter widget below!!!  Good luck!!!

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  1. Looking forward to who will be the winner of this AWESOME Giveaway! Good Luck and Happy Shopping!! Please check out ZoeLynn & Co. (TM) on Facebook and "Like"

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